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Ryanair has announced that roughly 18.000 flights will be cancelled until March 2018. This impacts around 400.000 passengers. According to Ryanair, this measure is necessary to increase punctuality.

“By canceling less than 2% of our flights over the next 6 weeks, we can improve the operational conditions of our flight plans and strive to achieve 90% punctuality again,” said Robin Kiely, Communication Director.

How do I know, if my flight is affected?

Usually the affected passengers are notified by e-mail. If this is the case, just follow the instructions in the mail. If you have not received an email, the chances are good that your flight is not affected. To be sure, you’ll find a list of all affected flights right here.

What should I do if I’m affected?

Ryanair apologizes to the customers who are affected by the cancellations and offers the possibility of a full refund or a change of reservation. Lower on this page you’ll find the instructions.

How to ask for a refund or change the Ryanair flight if you’ve booked with Opodo?

In case you’ve booked with Opodo and want to modify your Ryanair flight, you should follow the same steps as described in the previous point.
In case you want to ask for a refund, you need to follow the process on Ryanair’s website. Once Ryanair replies to your refund request, you might need to contact us based on the airline’s instructions.

2 responses to “Ryanair cancels 18.000 flights

  1. Booked months ago for my son’s 21st birthday bash in Dublin, planned three years ago. Been on tenterhooks since. Got a message today to direct me to Ryanair’s ‘special checking page’ – for the third time this week – still not working, so still none the wiser. Never again will I use this joke of an operator!

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