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Travelling the globe has never been as accessible or affordable as it is today. It seems as though the world has caught the travelling bug and now everyone is actively looking to escape to discover a new exciting destination!

With so many people taking the time to visit new pastures and having an amazing experience, they’re finding that they want to turn that adventure into a daily reality. The idea of a fresh start, a departure from the old and the beginning of a new, unknown challenge is extremely inviting.

If you’re in the position where you could take the plunge, then why not consider it? Starting over is about re-opening your eyes. New experiences are the reason we live so take a look at just what it is that is influencing so many people to move abroad.

1- Leaving Your Comfort Zone

As soon as you step foot in your location, your new life begins! A completely life changing and rejuvenating step, you embark upon a culture and language that is often totally different to your own. From the streets, to the food, to the people, everything is new to you and a first time experience.


Unlike the temporarily residing tourists, you must set up a life yourself. With errands, chores and a living to make, you must figure out how to achieve this all on your own. This removes you out of that bubble, that reliable comfort zone that you depended on in the past. However scary or overwhelming this may feel at times, its inspiring how much you can accomplish and it will make you learn about yourself. You’ll quickly realise you’re a lot tougher and more independent than you could have ever imagined.

2- Meeting New People

Moving abroad alone means that you will have to meet new people. A daunting task on the face of it, this is often the biggest psychological test but people quickly twig that it’s the most rewarding. Locals are generally curious about the different face and expat settlers who have been in your shoes are, the majority of the time, highly willing to help you settle.


Sometimes it may feel lonely after the initial excitement has worn off but that is all part of the experience and it typically, is the most character building. Once you’ve created a routine and you’ve found friends, either in the same position as you or even local livers, you’ll forget you were ever worried!

3- The Confidence for Anything

Starting over shows you what you’re made of and what you’re capable of doing. It teaches you that important life skill that many long for, in that you can overcome anything. If you can do this, then you can do anything! You are free of any restraints and it gives you that self belief that whether you stay or leave to somewhere else, you will be okay wherever you go. Not to mention the amazing stories you’ll have to take with you.


4- Fresh Eyes

Every culture has its own rules. From do’s and don’t there is almost nothing you’re learned that won’t be different somewhere else. As an outsider, you bring a pair of fresh eyes that changes your opinion and even influences others around you. Submerging yourself in new cultures, getting used to their ways and making new friends, it truly broadens your mind. Living in an exciting new country gives you the opportunity to look at life in an entirely new way, often shaking up your previous opinions.


5- Lesson On What’s Valuable

When you move somewhere new, not always but often you are limited in what you can take with you. This makes you evaluate what you actually need. Moving abroad, teaches you that its not about what you own but what you do. People are too guilty of being materialistic and they overlook the important things. Memories are much more valuable than a new car and people find that this makes them happier once they’re away from their old lives. The unique experience provides you with lessons that will last a lifetime, giving you a richer, more accomplished viewpoint on life.


Parting Note

As someone who is writing from experience, I’m living proof that it is possible to make that exhilarating escapade, your everyday life! Moving to English lands has been the most rewarding experience of my life and there is no reason why you couldn’t achieve the same in your desired destination.

Just remember, before you make any move, you need to ensure that you have thoroughly checked out your location. Each country has different rules and checks you must abide by and whether it’s green card requirements or government laws, it is important to know what you need. If you’re unsure, then you can use an immigration specialist or relevant citizens advice services to give you the help you need, which I found invaluable.

The beauty of any move is that you look back and notice how much you have changed, experienced and grown as a person, all whilst learning a lot on the way. It’s an unforgettable, life changing step, so what are you waiting for?

About the author: 

Veronica Pembleton is a writer and journalist that specialises in tourism and current events. She moved from North America to the UK and now offers advice to other travellers on discovering new places.

One response to “The 5 Reasons You Should Move Abroad

  1. It’s a real shame that UK citizens aren’t permitted to reciprocate the author’s movement and migrate to the US. We owned a home over there for several years but, despite being self sufficient, were not allowed to stay over a certain number of days per annum. Obama has recently involved himself in EU politics and, in doing so, affirmed the virtue of ‘freedom of movement’ but never saw fit to open US borders.

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