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Christmas isn’t really the same without all the decorations, the fairy lights, the festive food and gifts. With just a week left until Christmas Eve, it’s time we give our houses a little makeover. Our suggestion? Don’t go out and spend your savings on fancy ornaments. Salvage what you can from last year’s holidays or get your family and friends together and try making some of these DIY Christmas crafts and treats:

Snow Globes

snow globes
Source: diyideatime via Pinterest

These jar snow globes make fabulous, inexpensive gifts. All you need is an empty jar, a figurine, some epoxy to glue the figurine to the lid of the jar, glitter, and distilled water with a dash of glycerine to stop the glitter from sinking too quickly.

Peanut Snowmen 

Peanut Snowmen
Source: allyson via Pinterest

If you don’t have enough ornaments for your Christmas tree, how about making some snowmen out of peanuts? With just some paint, felt and a bag of unpeeled peanuts, you can easily create an entire army!

Snowmen bulbs

Snowmen bulbs
Source: Sterling Flores via Pinterest

Why throw out broken light bulbs when you can turn them into festive table decorations?

Strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas
Source: Chloe Mitchell via Pinterest

These little guys are festive and (mostly) healthy – preparing them is just as much fun as eating them! All you need is a batch of strawberries, whipped cream and some sugar.

Knitted Baubles

Knitted Baubles
Source. Daniëlle D via Pinterest

Christmas is as good of a time as any to put all that spare yarn to good use!

Festive Cork Figurines

Festive Cork Figurines
Source: Brittany Davis via Pinterest

Cork animals make excellent nativity set extras or place setting decorations.  All you need is a little imagination.

Creative Place Settings

Creative place settings
Source: thebetterhalteam via flickr

You can purchase baby sized stockings at just about any £1 store, but if you have time, why not knit your own?

Cork Christmas Trees

Cork Christmas trees
Source: Shawna Shelton via Pinterest

If you’re all about recycling and cutting down trees is not really your thing, a cork Christmas tree might just do the trick.

Firefly Lamp

Firefly lamp
Source: Laura E via Pinterest

Whoever thought that you could make such a fancy firefly lamp out of a tin can? And best of all, its fashionable all year round!

Candy Cane Candlestick

Candy cane candlestick
Source: Berry Insurance via Pinterest

Candy canes may be for eating, but it turns out they also make great candlesticks!


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