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Historically overlooked by travellers on Southeast Asia crawls, Yangon is now equally popular for bargain hunting tourists and Buddhist pilgrimages alike, owing to massive infrastructure improvements from a injection of foreign money.


There’s no better time to visit and we’re here to help! Here’s 10 things to do in Yangon.

1. See the World Famous Reclining Buddha

This enormous 65-meter long reclining Buddha is found in the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, the most well known Buddhist temple in nearby Bahan township – you’ll get there for a £3 cab ride.

the reclining Buddha in yangon myanmar
@tueslove via Instagram

2. Check out the Shwedagon Temple 

You simply can’t visit Yangon without a visit to this 105 m tall, 2500 year old temple. One of the world’s most sacred Buddhist sites is adorned with 27 metric tons of gold leaf and is believed to enshrine eight hairs of the Gautama Buddha as well as many other important relics.

the shwedagon pagoda in yangon myanmar
@rabinography via Instagram

3. Munch on Mohinga

Considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar, this comforting soup made of a hot and sour broth with catfish and rice vermicelli noodle is traditionally eaten for breakfast – but nobody will fault you for ordering it in the afternoon 😉

Often considered too strong for tourist palates, fans of big flavours will be in heaven here.

a mohinga traditional burmese soup
@dekedeguia via Instagram

4. Wander through the National Museum

History buffs won’t wanna miss this five story museum of ancient artifacts, works of art, and treasures related to the history and culture of the Burmese civilization.  A highlight is the 26 foot high, jewel-encrusted throne once belonging to King Thibaw Min, the country’s last king.

a buddhist shrine at the national museum yangon national museum
@dekedeguia via Instagram

5. Get Humbled at the Taukkyan War Cemetary

One of the most visited and highly rated war sites in Asia is a cemetery dedicated to 6,374 soldiers Allied soldiers from the British Commonwealth who died fighting in Burma during WWII.

the taukkyan war cemetary in yangon myanmar
@drgabwong via Instagram

6. Stand in Awe of the Sule Pagoda

This 45 m tall Burmese stupa (a mound-like structure used for meditation and containing relics) rises dead centre in Yangon’s commercial district and has served as a meeting point for important political demonstrations.

the sule pagoda in yangon myanmar
@pimamanggala via Instagram

7. Eat Some Lephet Thoke

Burma is one of the few places where tea is not only drunk but eaten as well. Lephet Thoke is a type of tangy salad made from fermented tea leaves and garnished with dried shrimp, peanuts, and sesame seeds. It’s said to be a stimulant stronger than coffee.

a lephet pickled tea leaf salad
@burmeseeats via Instagram

8. Take a Ride on the Circle Train

The cheapest (about 20 cents) way to get around the city is this bumpy, hop-on-hop-off train filled with commuters, monks, and boiled peanut sellers.

The people watching and rural scenery give a great insight into the day to day lives of the Burmese but there’s also a practical element as it stops at many of the city’s most important attractions.

the circle train in yangon myanmar
@lindsaydennison via Instagram

9. Get Shopping at the Bogyoke Market

This sprawling, covered bazaar popular with tourists and locals alike is known for its colonial architecture and Burmese handicraft shops. You’ll also find a ton of jewelry and clothing shops as well as food stalls and even a black market for exchanging currency.

bogyoke market in yangon myanmar
@kitluu via Instagram

10. Take a Stroll through Chinatown

Just west of the Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon lies a bustling Chinatown famous for its chaotic market scenes, dozens of food stalls, tea houses, and charming colonial era buildings. Make sure to bargain here or you run the risk of getting ripped off!

bbq meat sticks in chinatown yangon
@thereddreadgypsy via Instagram


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