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There’s no doubt that Australia is the world’s largest island. It’s 7.6 million square kilometres, which means we could fit in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland into Australia 31 times, and there still would be some space left. As a result, you can find breathtaking landscapes, a diverse culture and lots of things to do!

We’ve prepared a list of reasons why we think you should add this country to your travel bucket list. Check out our Cheap flights with Qantas airways.

Sunrises and Sunsets 

You’ll never get used to skies like this.

Photos by Jong Soo Lee and Jenka Elch via Flickr
Photos by Jong Soo Lee and Jenka Elch via Flickr


A big part of the population in Australia live near the coastline and their beaches occupy a special part of their identity. Three of the world’s oceans meet: the Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans. We’ve talked about the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific in our blog and Australia has 2 of them on our list!

Photos by carlylb90, oylmz53 and leicablad via Instagram


You’ll be able to find dishes like: emu, fish and chips, sausage rolls, crocodile, beetroot hamburgers and kangaroo but you can also find different multicultural cuisines.

Photos by Charles Haynes via Flickr, Ester Restaurant and iamliim via Instagram

Museums and Theatres

You’ll find over 2,000 museums, galleries, sites and holdings in Australia!



The fauna of Australia consists of a huge variety of animals. Not only will you find wild Koalas and Kangaroos, but they also have around 800 species of birds that live around their cities!

Photo by cskk via Flickr


You’ll never have problems finding fresh produce.

Photo by Yu Shibao and Ellen Munro via Flickr and Melbournvintage via Instagram

Coffee shops

Their coffee shops will draw you in from the street with the smell of fresh coffee. Most have amazing breakfast and brunch menus!

Photos by nessngyn via Instagram, Brewtown Newtown and Hammer & Tong 412 via Facebook

Hiking spots

Due to its diverse landscape, Australia has different kinds of routes: from the most difficult ones that would intimidate anyone, to the easier ones. Adventure seekers enjoy climbing and hiking Australia’s endless mountains that are mostly located near the ocean.



Sports are a big part of the Australia culture! You’ll find this country has a large number of national teams.


Photo by Sascha Wenninger via Flickr
Photo by Sascha Wenninger via Flickr

Australian Football League

Photo by Tristen Murray via Flickr





Formula 1


So, are you ready to go? Book a trip and tell us all about your experience! 

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