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It’s almost time for the event that film fans around the world have been waiting for: the Oscars will return on 26 February 2017.

Films have been making us go through all sorts of emotions, more so the ones that are nominated for the Oscars, so it’s no surprise that some films really inspire one to travel, right?

Be it the legendary streets of Los Angeles in La La Land, or the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Maldives in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the set locations of the Oscars 2017 nominees are as vibrant as their history.

Explore with us these places and many more in our Travel Guide inspired by the selection of films nominated for the Oscars 2017!


Brief overview of the Travel Guide:

La La Land

La La Land is the famous musical of Damien Chazelle in which the ambitious lovers played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling try to make their dreams come true in Los Angeles. It’s not possible to finish watching this film (with 14 Oscar nominations) without wanting to travel the City of Angels and its mythical places.

“La La Land” is one of the nicknames of Los Angeles and it’s considered one the most obvious destinations for film lovers. Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios… With so many symbolic locations it is impossible to get bored in the second largest city in the United States!

Destination: Hermosa Beach Pier 

The Hermosa Beach Pier (photo above and below) is the pier on which Ryan Gosling sings City of Stars in front of a typical Californian sunset.

hermosa beach pier - blog opodo

Hermosa Beach is also home to the Lighthouse Café in front of which the actors go for a walk.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One directed by Gareth Edwards is about the story of rebels from the Star Wars universe, including the heroes Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (played by Diego Luna).

Their journey to save the world and the evil plans for Death Star makes them “travel” to enchanting destinations such as Iceland, Maldives or Jordan.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The Jordanian National Park of Wadi Rum was selected to give life to the desert moon of Jedha. This location is coincidentally nicknamed “Valley of the Moon” and has awesome landscapes, caves, canyons and is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Star Wars_Oscars 2017_Travel Blog

Visit the Oscars 2017 travel guide to see more films and destinations!

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