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We wanted to share with you these  extraordinary destinations, 15 idyllic places, where you can relax, have fun and escape your dull, everyday routines!

Still haven´t quite decided where to spend your summer holidays? If these spectacular locations can´t help inspire you, then we don´t know what will!

1. La Digue, Seychelles

most spectacular beaches

La Digue is the fourth largest island of the Seychelles, and its beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. White sand, clear waters, palm trees, and granite rocks … a true paradise on Earth!

2. Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain

most spectacular beaches in the world

This stunning beach can be found in Ribadeo, Galicia, and is famous for its cliffs that form very high arches, similar to those of a cathedral. Although this beach is more secluded, it’s ideal for those who seek romantic and tranquil places.

3. Olhuveli Island, Maldives

most spectacular beaches in the world

The island of Olhuveli is characterized by stretches of sandy beaches, a crystal-clear lagoon, and the lush tropical flora.

4. Maui, Hawaii, United States

most spectacular beaches in the world

The island of Maui is located in the middle of the North Pacific, in the archipelago of Hawaii; this island is rich in white beaches filled with red and black rocks, exotic plants of all types and volcanoes. This, and more, is what makes this destination so alluring!

5. Playa de Ses Illetas, Formentera, Spain

most spectacular beaches in the world

When it comes to summer, sand and beaches, the Balearic Islands in Spain are always a very excellent choice. This beach, with its turquoise sea, is the most popular beach in Formentera; divers simply love it!  What´s more, this area has been declared a World Heritage Site due to the endangered seagrass species that grows there.

6. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

most spectacular beaches in the world

The most popular out of all the Phi Phi islands in Thailand is the smallest one; here is where “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio was filmed. Likewise worth seeing is Phi Phi Don, the largest island of them all; sunbathing on the Monkey Beach and enjoying its beautiful landscapes is an incomparable experience!

7. Legzira, Morocco

most spectacular beaches in the world

This beach in Morocco is difficult to overlook, mainly due to its strange rock formations. Over the years, the high tides of the Atlantic Ocean shaped the rock into three gigantic arches that overlook the beach – a spectacular and unique site that should not be missed!

8 . Tulum, Mexico

most spectacular beaches in the world

Located in the Mayan Riviera, the beach of Tulum has all the elements of a perfect landscape: white sand, coconut trees and the Caribbean Sea! Dominated by a rocky headland, this beach is surrounded by the remains of an ancient Mayan city; this makes the location feel both exotic and magical.

9. Praia da Rocha, The Algarve, Portugal

most spectacular beaches in the world

Even though Portugal is rich in natural treasures, this is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the Algarve. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, Praia da Rocha is the ideal destination for all who look to add that certain element of fun to their holiday.

10.The archipelago of the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

most spectacular beaches in the world

This destination is a dream for any scuba diver! Not only are the white sandy beaches, the coconut palm trees and the crystal clear waters surrounding the islands of Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil incredibly inviting, but this area is also home to an interesting diversity of marine fauna (stingrays, sharks, parrot fish…).

11. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Sicily

most spectacular beaches in the world

Thought to be the most beautiful beach in the world, Rabbit Beach is a beautiful place found in Lampedusa, which is one of the three Pelagie Islands. This beach is also a nature reserve where turtles come to lay their eggs once per year.

12. Island of Brac, Croatia

most spectacular beaches in the world

Here is where you can find the famous Golden Horn (Zlatni rat), which is thought to be the best beach in Croatia. This beach is known for its odd shape and its crystal clear waters.

13. Shipwreck, Zakynthos Island, Greece

most spectacular beaches in the world

So beautiful it almost seems fake, Shipwreck is an isolated beach located on ​​the island Zakynthos; this is thought to be one of the loveliest bays in all of Greece.

14. Palawan, Philippines

most spectacular beaches in the world

The island of Palawan is located between the China Sea and the Sulu. To the north you can find a small piece of paradise , the village of El Nido, with its beaches and its unique geological formations.

15. Harrismith Beach, Barbados

most spectacular beaches in the world

Aside from the tranquility and the amazing landscape that tourists can enjoy on the beach of Harrismith, a  lagoon and the ruins of an old house are also situated nearby (which belonged to a plantation owner) – these make the scenery even more picturesque!


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