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Hollywood glamour, multicultural influences, beaches and flair…Los Angeles is one of the most diverse, modern and spectacular cities in the United States. Discover the magic of Ls Angeles in one day. Come with us, we show you around!


08.00 h.until 08.30 h. : Transfer to city center

Los Angeles in a day
Los Angeles Skyline

To navigate easier through the city, we recommend you rent a car with GPS at the Los Angeles International Airport. L.A. is one of the largest city in the United States , but by car you can easily cover the main attractions in 24 hours ( don’t worry, there are plenty of places to park downtown; some parking facilities even offer free parking for the first couple of hours).


08.30 h.until 10.30 h.: Downtown

Los Angeles in a day
Avila Adobe, the oldest house in Los Angeles © Bad Alley / flickr.com

First, drive downtown (parking in this area costs around 5 US$) and discover the city’s historic sites. The Union Station, with its magnificent and elaborate building, is definitely something worth seeing. On Olvera Street you can spot Avila Adobe, the oldest house in L.A., as well as many other historic and rustic buildings such as Clifton’s Cafeteria (648 So. Broadway). Not too far from here, you can find the Pershing Square, the city’s oldest and most beautiful park.


11.00 h. until 11.45 h.: La Brea Tar Pits

Los Angeles in a day
La Brea Tar Pits in Hancock Park © eddyj65/flickr.com

Head over to Hancock Park, located right in the center of L.A, where you can admire a natural phenomenon – the La Brea Tar Pits, natural tar filled craters from the Ice Age. If you have time, visit Page Museum and admire the spectacular collection of fossils recovered from the tar pits.


 11.00 h. until 11.45 h.: Hollywood

Los Angeles in a day
Hollywood Walk of Fame © Christian Haugen/flickr.com

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is only a short walk away from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Stop and compare your hand size with the hand prints of your favorite celebrities…don’t forget to take a photo!

Once you’re done with the Walk of Fame, head up the stairs to the Babylon Courtyard, a space modeled after the film set used in D.W. Griffith’s eminent movie “Intolerance”. From here you can drive down the Hollywood Blvd and catch a glimpse of popular attractions such as the Dolby Theater and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


14.00 h. until 15.00 h.: Lunch

Los Angeles in a day
Musso & Frank since 1919 © Coco Mault/flickr.com

For lunch, we recommend the Farmer’s Market at the corner of Fairfax and 3rd. Here you can sample culinary specialties from all corners of the world. Alternatively, you can try the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, Musso & Frank. After lunch, treat yourself to a little shopping at the famous shopping center The Grove.


 15.00 h. until 17.00 h.: Beverly Hills & Getty Center

Los Angeles in a day
The famous Beverly Hills sign

Going for a drive in Beverly Hills is a real treat; download the “Star Map” app and discover where your favorite celebrities live! If you wish to shop in style, head over to Melrose Boulevard and Rodeo Drive where you can find the most sophisticated stores that L.A. has to offer.

Not too far from here you can locate the Getty Center, an architectural masterpiece and a great pastime for any art lover.


17.15 h. until 22.00 h.: Santa Monica

Los Angeles in a day
Venice Beach

The pier of Santa Monica, with its rides, street performers and small shops, radiates energy at all hours. Go for a stroll down the Venice Beach and dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean. If you get hungry and want to stop for dinner, check out the Third Street Promenade. Here you’ll be able to find a great selection of bars, galleries and restaurants. Stop at Nr. 1315 and try Wolfgang Puck’s delicious pizza or grab a gourmet burger at Umami.


 22.00 h. – Open End: Nightlife

Los Angeles in a day
The legendary Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard © rocor/flickr.com

West Hollywood is packed with fantastic venues where you can enjoy live Rock & Roll music; return the rental car before stopping at the Viper Room, Whiskey A-Go-Go or Roxy (all located on Sunset Blvd). If you’re looking for the perfect place to have a cocktail, try the Varnish (6te /Los Angeles Street).

We hope our 24 hour tour has inspired you to visit the City of Angels. And if you’re considering spending your next holiday in Southern California, there are plenty of regular and affordable flights to Los Angeles.


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