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Flight and hotel Luxembourg

Presenting Luxembourg

A European fairytale kingdom in miniature, the city of Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy of the same name. Its historic castles and houses sit among a sweeping green valley and offer a wealth of unique sights to travellers looking for a top city break. Luxembourg brings elements of its surrounding French, German and Belgian cultures and creates something unique. It’s an important centre for finance in Europe, and along with Strasbourg and Brussels, is one of the EU’s main bases.

What to know before visiting Luxembourg

Luxembourg Airport (LUX) on the outskirts of the city, is a mere 15 minutes by taxi to the core of the Old Town. You can get a quick flight here from London or Manchester. EU visitors on Luxembourg package holidays won’t need to worry about visas, and the currency is the euro.

The time is one hour ahead of the UK's and there are three official languages: French, German and Luxembourgish. French and German are widely used in official life in the city, such as schools and workplaces, while Luxembourgish is commonly used in people’s homes. It resembles German in sound but borrows many French words and is really interesting to hear for the first time. That said, the standard of English in the service industry is fantastic, and Luxembourg city breaks will show you its reputation as a top travel destination.

When is the best time to visit Luxembourg?

There are rarely very extreme temperatures in Luxembourg, which has a climate comparable to London’s. In the middle of summer, temperatures often reach the 20s, and this is a popular time to visit and stroll the charming canalside streets in the old part of Luxembourg City. Flight and hotel packages at any time of year are ideal.

Luxembourg city breaks can really be enjoyed at any time of yea. From late November, it puts on a majestic show with brilliant Christmas markets, especially at the Place de la Constitution and Place d’Armes. While businesses catering to visitors in the surrounding smaller towns are often less available in the winter months, hotels and restaurants in the city itself remain open year round.

What to do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is perfect for those who want to see a unique and dazzling corner of Europe. You can enjoy:

Places to visit In Luxembourg

With your Luxembourg flight and hotel booked, you can look forward to visiting amazing sights, including:

If you also have time to explore the surrounding area, you can also rent a car in Luxembourg.

What to eat in Luxembourg

With Luxembourg set at the crossroads of three countries known for their gastronomic excellence, it’s no surprise that a Luxembourg weekend could be spent simply exploring all the great tastes the city has to offer. It takes inspiration from its neighbours and offers a unique, rich offering of dishes, including a variety of sweet treats. Luxembourg package holidays wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the country’s favourite cakes and pastries, like the bretzel, a unique take on the pretzel, and a tart made from a local plum, zwetschge.

When dinner time arrives, try delicious bouneschlupp, a soup made with bacon, or tierteg, a sauerkraut potato pancake. If you’re craving more familiar tastes, Luxembourg never disappoints. A recent influx of Portuguese and Italian immigrants have left their mark on the city’s cuisine, and the tastes of Southern Europe are never hard to find.

What to bring from Luxembourg

Many of your friends back home will be intrigued to hear about your Luxembourg weekend and be delighted with the unique gifts you bring home. Wines produced in Luxembourg make great gifts as they’re not easy to find elsewhere. The country’s chocolate is also delicious, and ranges from sweet milk varieties to French-style dark choices. Another interesting and easy gift, if only as a curiosity, would be the rather rare Luxembourg euro coins you’re unlikely to come across elsewhere.

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