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This year, Brazil is in the spotlight! With the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the recent urban developments and the growing economy, it’s no wonder this beautiful Latin American country is currently so popular with Europeans.


Here are 7 good reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about booking your flights to Brazil:

1) To attend the FIFA World Cup…

Brazil FIFA World Cup

Confetti, concerts, footballs, superstars and music! FIFA plans to put on a spectacular show this summer and Brazil will pull out all stops to ensure this event is a global triumph!

2) To enjoy its beautiful beaches …

Brazil beaches

There are over 2,000 beaches and more than 1,000 Brazilian islands scattered across the Atlantic Ocean. While the majority are densely populated, a few remain ecological sanctuaries.

3) To admire the spectacular architecture …

Brazil architecture

Futuristic new buildings and modern transportation facilities – thanks to a financial partnership with Japan, the country is becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

4) To party like never before …

Brazil Carnival

Nightlife, Carnival, Holy Week…put your party hats on because there is always something happening in Brazil!

5) To sample the delicious local gastronomy …

Brazil gastronomy

The Brazilian cuisine is rich in fruits, vegetables and meat; each dish is packed with an explosion of flavours that will leave you wanting more.

6) To give ecotourism a go…

Brazil ecotourism

Brazil has a myriad of protected areas and national parks, and is home to an extensive range of flora and fauna. The Amazon River and rainforest, as well as the Iguazu Falls are some of the places worth visiting.

7) To get pampered …

Brazil tourism

Brazilians are both friendly and welcoming, and as a tourist, you will definitely receive the royal treatment.




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