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As we highlighted in our post about the 10 best bars of Paris, aside from visiting your typical tourist attractions, exploring a city’s shops, bars, restaurants and venues is just as important if you really want to grasp the personality of a place. Our advice? Stay away from overpriced establishments suggested by your guide. Instead, take your time wondering the streets and always be on the lookout for hidden trinket shops or secret bars. You’ll be surprised what you find!

Barcelona in particular is known for its quirky shops, bars and restaurants. If you want to make new friends, discover fabulous trends, try the best drinks and the most aromatic tapas, then you must stop by some of the best bars in Barcelona:


Sangria in Barcelona


1. Bar Marsella

Bar Masella in Barcelona
Photo by willow via Flickr
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: With its wooden floors, dusty bottles and stained mirrors, you’ll feel like you’ve been catapulted into a different era! Have a glass of absinthe and step into the shoes of Hemingway, Dali, Picasso and Gaudi, who once upon a time were regulars at Marsella.
  • Best drink to order: Absinthe, of course!
  • Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 65


2. Ocaña

Bar Ocaña in Barcelona

  • District: Gothic Quarter
  • Why go there: Although only recently opened, this bar is already a hit. The space is split into different areas, with a terrace, a restaurant and club/cocktail bar underground called Apotheke. You could spend the entire day  there if you wanted, first having a tea outside in the sun, followed by a delicious meal inside, and ending the day downstairs dancing to the beats of the DJ.
  • Best drink to order: Whatever your heart desires! Their menu has everything from coffee and tea to cocktails.
  • Address: Plaza Real, 13-15

3. Vermuteria del Tano

Photo by InandOutBarcelona.net
Photo by InandOutBarcelona.net
  • District: Gracia
  • Why go there: Some say vermouth is the new gin and tonic, but we feel that doesn’t quite do it justice. Vermouth is authentic, cheap, enjoyed by people of all ages and goes perfectly with tapas (potatoes, fish, meatballs, olives …). Vermuteria del Tano, a bar located in the hipster neighbourhood of Gracia, serves a delicious homemade vermouth. The place is relatively small and always crowded, so be prepared to jostle a bit. Trust us, it’s worth it!
  • Best drink to order: A glass of vermouth
  • Address: Joan Blanques, 17

4. La Confiteria

Photo by Inandoutbarcelona.net
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: An old candy store converted into a cocktail bar. Sit and enjoy a Gin & Tonic or a beer and take your time admiring the vintage décor. Its spectacular!
  • Best drink to order: Everything! Even their plain coffee!
  • Address: Carrer Sant Pau, 128

5. El Ciclista


  • District: Gracia
  • Why go there: The second hand bicycles and creative décor make this one of the most imaginative bars in Barcelona. Whether you enjoy poetry readings or live music performances, there is always something happening at El Ciclista.
  • Best drink to order: Amaretto Sour
  • Address: Carrer de Mozart, 18

6. Bar Leo

Photo by Riceworldwide.com
Photo by Riceworldwide.com
  • District: Barceloneta
  • Why go there: This bar, with its kitsch interior design,  is simply mythical. Not only is it near the beach, but on Saturdays after 17:00 you can enjoy live flamenco performances. A real treat!
  • Best drink to order: Vermouth, beer, pacharán (a liquor typical of Navarra).
  • AddressCarrer de Sant Carles, 34

7. Sor Rita


  • District: Gothic Quarter
  • Why go there: Stained carpets, wigs, barbie dolls hanging off the walls, heels dangling from the ceiling, mirrors at every turn… if you’ve always wanted to know what it would feel like to be in an Almodovar film, then this is the place to go! The environment is young, international and the staff is friendly. You will simply love it!
  • Best drink to order: A shot of tequila with salt and a slice of lemon!
  • Address: Carrer de la Mercè, 27

8. Pipa Club

Photo by L’auberge Espagnole
  • District: Gothic Quarter
  • Why go there: An elegant “club” located on the first floor of a building in Plaza Real. This secluded bar, with its intimate dining room and live jazz performances, is the perfect place to spend a tranquil evening.
  • Best drink to order: A glass of whisky
  • Address: Plaza Real, 3

9. Mirabé


  • District: Sarriá
  • Why go there: This beautiful and romantic terrace located on Avenida Tibidabo is the ideal place to watch the sun set over Barcelona. Trust us, the view is priceless.
  • Best drink to order: Anything really!
  • AddressCarrer de Manuel Arnús, 2

10. Casa Almirall

Photo by Secretsofbarcelona.com
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: A beautiful, modernist bar located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Raval. How about a drink and some tapas at Casa Almirall? It really is the perfect way to start a fun night out.
  • Best drink to order: Vermouth
  • Address: Joaquín Costa 33
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11. Ovella Negra


  • District: Poble Nou
  • Why go there: This rustic tavern, located in the former industrial district of Barcelona, offers affordable tapas and drinks. It is a great place to enjoy a cold beer together with a group of friends whilst watching a FC Barcelona game.
  • Best drink to order: Beer, Calimotxo or Sangria!
  • Address: Calle Zamora, 78

12. Dry Martini

Photo by Spainattractions.es
Photo by Spainattractions.es
  • District: Eixample
  • Why go there: This place has been open for the past 30 years and is considered one of the most spectacular bars in the world. If you ask us, the Dry Martini is the perfect bar for lovers of Gin & Tonic.
  • Best drink to order: The name of the bar says it all!
  • Address: Calle Aribau, 162

13. O’Barquinho

  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: O’Barquinho is a classic. As you wonder the streets of Raval, stop by this unique bar to enjoy a drink and a live flamenco performance. Trust us, you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else you go. The food here is also worth trying – it’s tasty and affordable.
  • Best drink to order: House wine with soda
  • Address: Carrer de Princep de Viana, 1

14. La Maison Belge Brasserie


  • District: Les Corts
  • Why go there: They have more than 120 belgian bottled beers, 4 different kinds of draft beers. If you’re hungry, you can also order cheese platter with belgian foie. For those interested, they even organise sampling and brewing classes. Marc, the owner, is great! He’s memorized his menu and is able to personally recommend you beers based on your preferences.
  • Best drink to order: Let the owner know what kind of beers you usually like and he’ll recommend you a couple of beers. But if you like black beer, ask for Kasteelbier or Nostradamus.
  • Address: Rambla del Brasil, 55

15. El Xampanyet

Photo by Secrets of Barcelona
  • District: Born
  • Why go there: You can find this quaint little bar right in the heart of Born, on the gorgeous street Carrer de Montcada, not too far from the church of Santa Maria del Mar.  Known for its cava (local sparkling wine) and anchovies, El Xampanyet offers some outstanding tapas and a great drinks menu. The only drawback, if any, is the size of the place. It’s somewhat tiny and always packed, so be prepared to queue!
  • Best drink to order: A glass (or bottle) of cava
  • Address: Carrer de Montcada, 22

16. Quim de la Boqueria

Photo by Las Calles de Barcelona
Photo by Las Calles de Barcelona
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: This is where Ferran Adrià (the world’s most renown Catalan chef) used to come for tapas. You have to admit, that’s a pretty good reason to check out this bar!
  • Best drink to order: Draft beer
  • Address: Mercado de la Boqueria, La Rambla 91

17. Els Quatre Gats


  • District: Gothic Quarter
  • Why go there: Just a few steps away from Portal de l’Angel, this magnificent modernist bar used to be a meeting point for intellectuals and artists. Fun fact: this bar also appears in Woody Allen’s  “Vicky Cristina Barcelona “.
  • Best drink to order: A glass of local wine
  • Address: Carrer de Montsió, 3

18. Cara B

Photo by Alex H. via Foursquare
Photo by Alex H. via Foursquare
  • District: Grácia
  • Why go there: Cosy atmosphere, live music, and a fantastic variety of beers – that’s already 3 good reasons to go there!
  • Best drink to order: Craft beer
  • Address: carrer Torrent de les Flors, 36
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19. Bar Tomás

Photo by Joan Cortadellas via El Periodico
Photo by Joan Cortadellas via El Periodico
  • District: Sarriá
  • Why go there: Their bravas ( fried potatoes served with a spicy garlic sauce) are said to be the best in town. Surely you don’t want to leave Barcelona before trying them?
  • Best drink to order: A San Miguel
  • Address: Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49.

20. Paladar del son


  • District: Gracia
  • Why go there: A typical Cuban bar that makes you feel like you’re not in Barcelona anymore. If you want to enjoy some live music, Sunday is a good day to go. Be prepared to dance!
  • Best drink to order: A Mojito
  • Address: Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 6

21. Hotel Pulitzer


  • District: Gothic Quarter
  • Why go there: As you might have guessed, this bar is located in one of Barcelona’s most beautiful boutique hotels. With its terrace overlooking Palça Catalunya, it’s the ideal place to relax on a hot summer’s day.
  • Best drink to order: A Martini
  • Address: Carrer de Bergara, 8

22. Homo Sibaris

Photo by Cerve TV
Photo by Cerve TV
  • District: Sants
  • Why go there: Overlooking Plaça Osca, this lively bar is a microbrewery that sells its own organic beer and homemade tapas (their croquets are particularly tasty). If you wish to escape the more mainstream locations, we highly recommend this place. For those interested, they even organize sampling and beer brewing courses.
  • Best drink to order: Organic craft beer
  • Address: Plaça Osca, 4

23. Madame Jazmine

Photo by Ravaleando
Photo by Ravaleando
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: Located on Rambla del Raval, this bar embodies the soul of Barcelona’s most uninhibited districts. With its soft lighting, kitsch décor, peculiar music and fun drag shows, it’s without doubt a unique place, ideal for starting or ending a night out.
  • Best drink to order: A rum & coke
  • Address: Rambla del Raval, 22

24. El Rabipelao


  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: There are 2 of them in the city: one in Raval, where you can try some incredible Venezuelan specialties, and the other in the Gothic Quarter. Out of the two, we prefer the first one (their Mojitos are among the best and most affordable that Barcelona has to offer).
  • Best drink to order: A 3.50€ Mojito!
  • Address: Carrer de la Mercé, 22

25. Bar Pesca Salada

Photo by Barcelones.com
Photo by Barcelones.com
  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: This small bar in the heart of Raval is worth a visit just because of its décor. With the floor simulating sea waves, an aquarium suspended from the ceiling and sardines at every corner, you will feel like you are out at sea! Their Gin & Tonic is also to die for.
  • Best drink to order: A Gintonic
  • Address: Carrer la Cera, 32

26. Akashi

Photo by Live-Barcelona
Photo by Live-Barcelona
  • District: Eixample
  • Why go there: A tea room, photo gallery and Japanese restaurant located right in the heart of Barcelona. The Catalan-Japanese couple who run it make you feel like you’ve just embarked on a journey around Japan. Just as you get in, you are asked to remove your shoes and shake off all your troubles as you sit and enjoy a nice cup of Japanese tea… doesn’t sound bad, does it?
  • Best drink to order: Japanese tea
  • Address: Carrer Rosselló, 197

27. La Perla de Oro


  • District: Raval
  • Why go there: A place full of charm and history. Their cheese and meat tapas inspired by Spanish and French cuisine are simply divine, and the best part, the waiters that attend you are performing singers and actors at the Grand Theatre of Liceu. A definite must-see!
  • Best drink to order: Bottled beer or wine
  • Address: Carrer de la Unió, 34

(Many thanks to Kim, Dani, Bob, Alice, Adamo, Laura-Lee and Amaryllis for the tips!)

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  1. Great overview of interesting Barcelona bars. You know, some of them are featured in music videos. Such as “La Confitería”, which is the bar where the action takes place in this piece (“El primer arbre del bosc”) from Catalan band Blaumut: https://youtu.be/A7vHKR5HvzA Bona tarda! 🙂

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