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Flying with the flagship airline of the United Kingdom for your next business or pleasure travel? The largest airline in the UK flies to over 160 internationally including six domestic destinations.

It is very important to note how much baggage one is allowed to carry whether you travel light or otherwise (emotional baggage not included, plus they are physically weightless too).


British Airways Hand Baggage Allowance

A passenger is allowed to bring two pieces of luggage in the cabin. Before you get too excited to bring your entire household including the fridge, or the oven, and your best friend in both bags. You are only allowed one main luggage for check-in (56cm x 45cm x 25cm) and a personal or laptop bag no bigger than 40x 30x 15cm and is identified with a yellow tag. They must weigh (yes, both bags) no more than 23kg. Anything in excess up to 32kg will be charged extra.

British Airways checked baggage allowance

According to the British Airways website, anything more than 32kg will have to be shipped separately as freight or cargo. (write a heartfelt apology letter to your best friend. Sorry bud, you’re getting left behind).

The restrictions are insisted to be “generous” and is intended to speed up boarding. This initiative will benefit all of us who wants their flights to leave on time. Of course, first class passengers are still exempted. Items purchased at the airport (such as duty-free goods) must fit within the allowable baggage. Although, if travelling with a child 2 years old and below, passengers are allowed to carry an extra bag for belongings.

Items that are prohibited onboard

British Airways puts on passenger’s safety first. A list of prohibited items that you cannot bring onboard:

  • Liquids in hand baggage. Note that each liquid you carry must be in its own container of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces). Disabling devices (e.g. Tasers, mace, pepper spray).
  • For all the Robin Hood wanna-be’s please leave your crossbows at home and we all know that that hover boards are cool but we have to really leave them behind before flying.


British Airways may be reasonable especially if punctuality is of the concern. So pack those bags wisely (and advice your friend to book a separate ticket) before you set off to your next destination!

Do you have any other questions? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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