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Do you have plans to fly with United Airlines in the near future? And have you already packed your baggage?

Before packing your bags and heading to the airport, we recommend reading their baggage policies.

United Airlines Hand Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is allowed to bring on board two pieces of luggage: a carry-on bag (23 cm x 35 cm x 55 cm – including handles and wheels) and a personal item (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm) which can be a shoulder bag, a laptop bag or another small item. Fortunately there’s no weight limit for the hand baggage.

If you’re unsure about the size of your items there’s a Bag Sizer in the check-in area at the airport so you can be assured that your bags are not over the size limit.

On top of the carry-on bag and the personal item, each passenger can also bring the following items in the cabin: jacket or umbrella, reading material and food or merchandise purchased at the airport.

If you’re thinking about travelling with a guitar or another small musical instrument, it can also be brought into the cabin as carry-on baggage, but only if it fits into the overhead bins or under the seat inside the aircraft.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

According to the United Airlines website, there are service charges applied to each checked baggage which are different according to each carrier. We recommend visiting their website and using the “Baggage Calculator” to determine the service charges of your baggage.

The maximum exterior dimension of your checked baggage is 158cm. As for the maximum weight of the checked baggage, it varies according to your class of service and the Mileage Plus status. If your class of service is “United Economy” the maximum weight per bag is 23kg and for all the other classes it’s 32kg.

Items that are prohibited onboard

There are several items that are prohibited on board including the obvious hazardous materials (explosives, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, and others) as well as other common items: tear gas, tasers, hover boards, lighter fluid, oxygen bottles and fireworks among others.

As for personal items such as perfume, deodorant, nail polish and others – they’re permitted in baggage but there are certain rules:

  • In carry-on baggage these items can’t have more than 100ml per container and should be displayed in a clear bag.
  • In the checked baggage these items can’t exceed 473ml per container, or 2,070ml per total per passenger.


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