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For the 4th year in a row we’ve conducted a survey to get to know more about the European reading habits during the summer holidays and we’re finally able to release the results and know the answers to some of the questions that intrigued us…

  • Who reads more: men or women?
  • What do Europeans read the most: newspapers, books, magazines?
  • What’s the preferred format: digital or paper?

In 2016 we’ve had the highest number of participants ever answering the survey “What do Europeans read on holiday”. More than 15,000 people (compared to 3,000 participants in 2015) from 4 different countries: Great Britain, Italy, Germany and France.

As always, the results are pretty interesting and we’d like to highlight the following points:

  • There are still more people that read on paper (60%) rather than on a screen (40%).
  • The most read items by order: books, magazines, newspapers and lastly travel guides.
  • Most people prefer to read on the beach (50%) followed by the hotel (29%) and the plane/train (17%).
  • The majority of the British and Italian buy their books online, while the German and French prefer the traditional method of shopping at a local book shop.

Take a look at our Infographic below to know more details about the results of the survey.
P.S. Click on the image to zoom in.


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