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Do you avoid black cats or Friday the 13th? Or are you far too rational to believe in old wives’ tales? Here are some of the more bizarre beliefs from around the world:


Grapes for New year’s Eve – The superstitious eat twelve grapes at midnight for 12 months of good luck in Spain during New Year’s Eve!



A no-no to puncture fish skin – In China, no one uses the chopsticks to flip over a whole cooked fish. If they puncture the skin, it means a ship will wreck.



Shoo away bad luck with a toss of salt – If you’re a little bit clumsy like me and tend to spill everything, make sure you throw it over your left shoulder to get rid of bad luck!



Be careful not to waste any bread, when you pass away, all the bread you wasted in your life will be weighed and will supposedly determine your entry to heaven. So start munching those breads and finish them good!

Photo by kidmissile via Flickr
Photo by kidmissile via Flickr


Greek superstitions say that when drinking your coffee and if the bubbles drift towards you, it is a sign of wealth in the near future. So next time you sip on that coffee, watch closely!

Photo via www.wallpaperup.com
Photo via www.wallpaperup.com


Eating yoghurt with sugar before an exam or before starting a new business venture is considered to bring good luck. Gather all the yoghurt you find when you finish brainstorming your new business venture to your friends!

Photo by roboppy via Flickr
Photo by roboppy via Flickr


A very strong British belief is that wearing an acorn stops ageing. Hook yourself up to your favourite seamstress and ask them to make you clothes made out of acorn!

Photo by edp-pics via Flickr


If you eat the hardened rice from the bottom of the pot in which the rice was cooked, you will be the ‘last one in everything’, be it a race, in class, at work, or in life. In other words, you are in for a really bad case of losing in everything. So don’t you dare eat that part.

Photo by fieldsofflavor.com


American tradition believes that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s eve invites good luck into their lives, and ensures prosperity and good health for the next twelve months.

Photo by johnnystiletto via Flickr
Photo by johnnystiletto via Flickr


Local folklore says that if you drop a tortilla, your in-laws who passed away will pay you an unexpected visit. Gasp! Grab that tortilla like your life depends on it!

Photo by stuart_spivack via Flickr


Do you believe it or not? Do you know any other food superstitions? Leave us a comment below!

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