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Most of us love to travel, but sometimes the whole pre-arrival process can take away a bit of the fantasy of travelling to a new destination. Long lines at the airport check-in desks are dreaded by nearly everyone, so to lessen this burden and wait times, many airlines offer online check-in so you can skip the lines and go straight to the baggage drop or directly to the security checkpoint if you’re travelling with only hand luggage.

The advantages of checking-in online for your flight are obvious; with just a few clicks you can save yourself a seemingly endless queue all from the comfort of your home, office or even on the road. In addition, online check-in lets you choose your seat so there’s no more “got the middle seat again” surprises.

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Step-by-step guide for web check-in

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  • To check-in online all you need is your name, surname and flight booking number, which is a 6-digit alphanumeric combination. If the airline asks for an e-ticket number, you can conveniently consult it here: www.checkmytrip.com
  • Once you have entered your personal information and completed online check-in, you will be able to print or save the boarding pass on your smartphone.
  • Passengers travelling with only hand luggage can skip the airport check-in desk and go straight to airport security.
  • Depending on the airline, online check-in is normally available at least 24 hours before scheduled flight departure. You can find more information about the exact time by airline on our Opodo online check-in page. This page also provides the direct links to the airline website to proceed with the online check-in process.

7 responses to “How to check-in online if you bought your tickets on Opodo

  1. Rubbish website.. I printed my booking confirmation, but cannot see anywhere on your website that is the online check-in page…I even tried downloading your app..this will be the last time I will book with Opodo…

  2. I like your blog and how you explained the details quite clearly. I tried your step by step guide (although I stuck somewhere in between) but I got my check-in and e-ticket easily. Thank you for your post. Keep up the good work guys…

  3. A nice blog is all very well, but a commitment to some basic customer service would be more useful. I booked four Premium Economy on Delta seats for my family to the US on 7 Dec only to find out they were Economy seats and not Premium Economy as shown on the Opodo UK site (verified by checking the booking on the Delta website and from your own booking confirmation message). Because there is no email address offered for customer service I have now made three calls to your Indian call centre asking for resolution. I have been promised two “call-backs” and one “online form to submit to London HQ” (from Jitesh, Tarun, and Pawan) – none of which I received. I found the online form myself and submitted it on 8 Dec. It’s now 13 Dec and still no reply. You have more than £4k of my money and I don’t have the Premium Economy seats you sold me. It’s a very sad situation that I have had to resort to social media and this blog in order to try to encourage a response. It isn’t typical of the Opodo I once knew (I’m an ex employee). I’m requesting Premium Economy seats as advertised or an immediate refund. I need to confirm seats in order to plan the rest of my trip and avoid disappointing my family. I look forward to hearing from you on Thursday 14 Dec. Booking ref: 3198772001

  4. Utterly meaningless. This isn’t a step by step guide. It certainly doesn’t cover what to do if you booked through Opodo and need to find a ticket number for online checkin. Vacuous information from a vacuous user who obviously has never travelled further than the end of their iPad……..what is the POINT of this page/article ? it offers NO information whatsoever…..

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