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Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. Here are some cities that excel at making it easier to put the pedal to the two-wheeled metal.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Also known as the cyclist dream, Amsterdam is both the most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world and, with an urban area population of over 1.1 million people, it is also the most bicycle-friendly city with over a million people in the world.


Montreal (Canada)

Montreal is the best Canadian city for cycling. It has a large part of protected bike lanes dating from the 1980s. For cyclists, head to the stunning bike paths running along the Lachine Canal for views of the skyline.

Cycle through Olmsted Road and the St. Lawrence Seaway, among other locations— it will take you through some of Montreal’s most beautiful sceneries.

Photo by Chris Bruntlett
Photo by Chris Bruntlett

Paris (France)

Paris continues pushing efforts to become greener. This gives cyclists a chance to tour the city’s popular spots without pollution. More so to burn those delicious croissants,  you can bike around the Rue St-Dominique with the Eiffel Tower in background.

Photo by Nicolas Mirguet via Flickr
Photo by Nicolas Mirguet via Flickr

Dublin (Ireland)

Ireland’s capital is one of the safest biking cities, with low speed limits for cars and designated bike paths. Discover Dublin by bike and and learn about their rich history, folklore, the great buildings and unique atmosphere of this city.


Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona encourages cycling as the forefront of transportation. There are of routes both through the city and seaside. The best highlight when cycling is to get into the Moll de la Fusta bike lane for a scenic ride past the palm trees and beaches.

In Winter, consider heading to the south of Spain, around the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucía.

Photo by danissa via Flickr

Malmo (Sweden)

The most bike-friendly city in Sweden! Malmo is designed for biking and it has more bike lanes than any of the other cities mentioned. It has separate bike lights on traffic signals, tire pumps along paths, helmet promotion, and a parking facility at the central train station.


Eindhoven (Netherlands)

It’s all about efficiency when cycling in Eindhoven. They have cycle paths with smooth asphalt surfaces that make it easier for cyclists to bike around.

The outside view of the New Central Bicycle parking in Eindhoven was featured in the New York Times!


Photo via en.wikipedia.org

What are you waiting for? Its time to check out these countries where you can bike around with a an exceptional view!

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