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Every year Google publishes their Zeitgeist, a round-up of the most searched terms worldwide and also by country. In the United Kingdom, Google analysed everything from the top searched events, to people, news, Royal Family members, tv shows, music artists, politicians, etc. etc. etc…of 2012.

Another one of the trending lists in the UK Zeitgeist is the top 10 most searched destinations by the British. Rio de Janeiro tops the list as the most popular destination searched in Google in 2012 by the UK. The number one, Rio, shows the overwhelming influence of the 2014 FIFA World Cup city selection. Other destinations on the list show that Britain is looking both nationally and internationally for new travel hot spots. National destinations like Cornwall and Scotland make the list, as do international escapades like Dubai and Greece.

Keep reading to see the entire top 10 list…

 rio de janeiro

  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. Greece
  3. Brazil
  4. Dubai
  5. Paris
  6. London
  7. Bruges
  8. Cornwall
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Barcelona

Do these destinations match what you searched in 2012?

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