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With over 84 percent of the population in the United Kingdom being internet-users, it’s no secret that being connected is a huge priority in Brits’ day-to-day lives. But however easy it is to access wifi at ground level, when it comes to flying, internet access just isn’t up to par.

Research estimates that the British economy is losing out on over £640 million per year due to the lack of wifi on flights. Although there is no industry standard for logging on while on-board, there are a number of airlines that offer in-flight wifi, like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Emirates, but the service is said to be slow and comes at a heavy price tag.

Boeing and Samsung Electronics are looking to take charge of the gap in the industry, as they have recently announced that they will be collaborating in research and development of in-flight entertainment and communications. The two companies hope to improve not only the communication between the air crew and ground control, but also the passenger’s access to 21st-century technologies. Recent surveys have demonstrated the importance fliers put on being able to post on Facebook and Twitter, chat on Skype, and stream TV programs and films during long-haul flights.

What do you think? Is it time for the airlines to get up to speed when it comes to in-flight wifi? Or do you prefer the time to disconnect from technology for a bit?

samsung and boeing developing inflight wifi

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