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The Opodo Travel Awards 2013 are here! A great holiday experience does not only depend on the hotel where we stay and the tourist attractions we visit; every detail is important, from departure at the airport to arrival at the final destination.

Airports and airlines understand this, and for this reason they try to make our travel experience unforgettable by combining comfort, pleasure, design, relaxation and safety all into one package. Airports are no longer dull places, they are filled with luxurious lounges and shops, yoga rooms, beauty salons, multimedia centers, art galleries, bars and many more pleasant distractions that people can enjoy even when they don’t have a flight to catch.

Airlines also try to dazzle us with amazing services, great food, elegant hostesses, clever advertising campaigns and unusual safety demonstrations! And when it comes to destinations, these too succeed to impress with their originality and style. Whether you are passionate about food, are travelling with your family or fancy a night out, there are plenty of choices for all!

At Opodo, we have decided to reward those airports, airlines and destinations that do everything in their power to ensure our holidays are magical! We selected four nominees for each of the 12 categories and we need you to help us choose the best of the best!


You have until April 25th  to visit our Facebook page  and choose your favorite nominee for each category. After the voting period is over, winners will be announced on the Opodo blog on May 6th, 2013.

Are you ready to vote? We can’t wait to know what you think!

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