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Sightseeing in Lima

Visit the Church of San Francisco and look out for the last supper picture of Jesus and disciples tucking into roast guinea pig (a surprisingly tasty local delicacy).

If you visit popular Museo Larco be sure to pop into the cafe which comes highly recommended. Buying a tour of Lima’s main museums may well work out cheaper than the sum of the individual entry fees.

Other Lima tips

If you’re looking for somewhere special to eat then Lima Pieris the place. Away from the frenzy of the city La Rosa Nautica restaurant is located at the end of the pier and offers happy hour drinks between 5pm and 7pm – perfect for watching the sunset.

Lima beach
Lima pier in the background

 ATMs at the airport have a S/.10 surcharge. If you can, wait until you’re in town.

 Avoid an upset stomach by looking out for the Restaurante Saludable logo in restaurants. The Restaurante Saludable programme awards clean and healthy restaurants (currently only around 800 or 1.2% Lima restaurants have received this award!)

Lima tales

In an Inca cemetery just on the outskirts of Lima is currently undergoing excavation for mummies. According to locals it is disturbing the Inca spirits and therefore causing a number of unfortunate events to befall the local populace. Also, members of the archaeology team have come down with a number of strange illnesses. If you are brave enough for a visit you’ll find the goings-on going on in Puruchuco-Huaquerones.

Flights to Lima

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