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Flight and hotel Casablanca

A trip to magnificent Casablanca

A flight and hotel in Casablanca is all about discovering this magnetic city perched along the shore of North Africa. Morocco is heavily influenced by European culture and is a melting pot of architecture, cuisine and languages. From its charming Medina to the beaches along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this wonderful destination has much to offer those who book a flight from London to Casablanca. Stroll the streets and snack on delicious fried aubergine and fresh popcorn before exploring some of the city's most stunning architecture such as the King Hassan II Mosque.

What do you need to know before visiting Casablanca?

If you're travelling on package holidays to Casablanca with a UK passport then you don't need a visa. British citizens can holiday in Morocco without any paperwork, simply have your passport stamped upon arrival at Mohammed V International Airport. The most convenient way to reach the city centre after arriving on a flight to Casablanca is by taking the ONCF train which departs on an hourly basis. Taxis are also available from outside the terminal building.

You'll need some Moroccan Dirham to spend on a weekend in Casablanca, though many places accept credit and debit cards for larger purchases. Morocco lies on the same latitude as the United Kingdom and so there is no time difference to consider.

When is the best time to visit Casablanca?

Morocco is a wonderful destination to visit all year round due to its temperate north African climate. The optimum time to book a flight and hotel in Casablanca is between November and May when there'll be fewer crowds and you can enjoy the city almost all to yourself. Summers can be hot but the city's proximity to the Atlantic brings a cooling breeze which keeps Casablanca much cooler than cities located further inland.

What to do in Casablanca

For the ultimate day of relaxation head to one of the city's Turkish baths. Known locally as a Hammam, they'll give you a wonderful insight into local life and you'll feel refreshed and cleansed afterwards. City breaks in Casablanca are a great opportunity to top up your tan on Aïn Diab Plage beach. It's advised that you stay out of the sea due to the often strong rip currents, but you can indulge in a spot of camel riding or horse riding. You can also sample some delicious local foods, such as freshly squeezed juices and pastries, from the vendors.

If you want some seriously tranquil beach time then head a few kilometres north to Mohammedia. This charming town features tree-lined boulevards and, of course, wonderful beach fronts lined with cafes and restaurants. Casablanca has a distinctly French feel due to Morocco's colonial past. You see many wisps of European influence around town, and no more so than in the aptly named Cathedral du Sacre Coeur.

What are the best places to visit in Casablanca?

The Old Medina is at the heart of ancient Casablanca. While not as large or opulent as the Medina's in Fes or Marrakesh, it has a real local charm which you can't miss on city breaks in Casablanca. There are plenty of other places to visit in Casablanca including:

  • The King Hassan II Mosque
  • The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman
  • Central Post Office
  • Mahkama du Pacha

What to eat in Casablanca

Strolling through the Medina and sampling street food from local vendors is a must on package holidays to Casablanca. Some local specialities to try include meat sandwiches, grilled fish and fried aubergine. Tagines are a staple of Moroccan cuisine and can be eaten everywhere from street-side cafes to high-end restaurants. Other highlights of the cuisine in Casablanca include couscous and spiced vegetables, zaalouk and an array of sweet pastries similar to baklava.

What to bring home from Casablanca?

A weekend in Casablanca is the perfect opportunity to do a little shopping. Some excellent local products to bring back on a return flight from Manchester to Casablanca include argan oil, Babouche Slippers and Berber bread baskets. Food lovers should pick up some of the excellent Moroccan spices from the markets. If you enjoy interior decor then the array of rugs, lamps and pictures are sure to delight and the opulent jewellery makes a great gift or to treat to yourself.

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