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Get to Know Essaouira

This windy city will blow you away. As a coastal, historic destination, a weekend in Essaouira offers an incredible mix of sport, sun, and culture. Navigate the Medina, an inner city surrounded by walls, where you'll be engulfed by the entrancing aroma of Moroccan spices and can feast your eyes on charming Arab-inspired architecture. Since Essaouira is right on the coast in Morocco, besides trying great seafood, you can also try your hand at a variety of water sports — windsurfing is incredible popular. Flights to Essaouira are readily available, and this magical city is calling.

What to Know Before Visiting Essaouira

Package holidays in Essaouira kick off at Essaouira Mogador Airport (ESU), a relatively small airport that's only 16km from the city. Taxis are available, and there's a bus service that runs from the airport to Essaouira during the day, every few hours. Flights from London and Manchester are typically easy, in no small part because Essaouira and the UK are in the same time zone. Since Essaouira is quite popular with international visitors, some English is spoken by locals, though it helps to know some very basic phrases in French or Arabic. A visa isn't required if you're not staying for more than three months, and make sure to convert your money to the local currency, the Dirham.

When Is It Best to Visit Essaouira?

You're likely in for a sunny stay, because precipitation is scarce, especially in summer. While average temperatures in the summer are typically around 20°C, the coast's winds often help cool down any heat. Winters are also mild, with average temperatures of 15°C. Spring and autumn are the most popular visitor seasons, and you'll also find plenty of people attending the Gnaoua World Music Festival in June. The festival celebrates North African culture through jazz, pop, rock, and other performances, and the entire city bursts with energy, via street performances and other congregations.

What to Do in Essaouira

If you've got a thirst for a bit of adventure on the water, you'll love windsurfing.The city's winds and refreshingly cool ocean make it an ideal windsurfing destination, particularly during city breaks in Essaouira anytime between April and November.

The Medina is home to most of the city's souks (marketplaces), where Essaouira's laid-back vibe means that vendors are often less likely to haggle than in other Moroccan cities. After a fun day of shopping, why not head over to the port and enjoy a coastal sunset? Many people spend their city breaks in Essaouira unwinding at a beachfront restaurant with a drink in hand.

What Places Should I Visit in Essaouira?

Thanks to its impressive array of art galleries and museums, a flight and hotel for Essaouira offers culture aplenty. As you walk around Galerie la Kasbah's many rooms, you'll be transported to another era thanks to a great collection of pottery, furniture, and Arab work from several schools of art, including realism and Impressionism.

The Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Museum, meanwhile, is housed in a 19th century riad, showcasing local items ranging from jewellery and costumes to historic weaponry. Speaking of history, you won't want to miss out on some great architecture. Climb the ramparts, defensive walls which once guarded the city, for impressive views.

What and Where to Eat in Essaouira

In the Medina, you'll find a bounty of souks selling Moroccan delicacies, not least of which include:

Package holidays in Essaouira should also include some restaurant hopping.

What to Shop For During a Weekend in Essaouira

In the Medina, you'll have your pick of amazing souvenirs. The city is known for its decorative wooden storage boxes, which make pretty and practical gifts. Bring home a piece of the local weaving culture with a blanket or carpet. If you're looking for Moroccan jewellery, the Othman Shop is the place to go. If you can't get enough of those Moroccan flavours from your weekend in Essaouira package, the souks sell fragrant spices.

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