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About Citywing

Citywing is an airline from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom that bought out the airline Manx2 and took control of its assets. It was founded in 2012 as a virtual airline. This means that while it sells ticket under its own brand, the flights are actually operated by Van Air Europe. Its headquarters and base of operations are at Ronaldsway Isle of Man Airport in Ballasalla. It flies with a fleet made up of Let L-410 Turbolet airplanes.

Citywing flies to 8 different destinations besides its hub on the Isle of Man. Its routes serve Jersey Airport, George Best Belfast City Airport, Blackpool Airport (which is a secondary base for the airline), Gloucestershire Airport, Newcastle Airport, Glasgow International Airport, Anglesey Airport and Cardiff Airport. The airline's flights are scheduled for convenient transfers onto connecting flights with other low-cost airlines. It does not have any codeshare agreements and is not a member of an airline alliance.

Online check-in

Passengers who are travelling with only hand luggage can use their reservation number and first and last names to check in online for a Citywing flight. Once they have done so, they will be able to print out a copy of their boarding card. Online check-in is possible for all routes except for passengers flying from Glasgow to the Isle of Man. Passengers who want to check in luggage will need to make use of the airline's airport check-in option. Airport check-in counters are open from 1 hour until 30 minutes prior to when a flight is due to leave.

Hand luggage allowance

Passengers on Citywing flights are allowed to bring 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 6 kg on board the aircraft. They may also bring a laptop that does not need to fit within the 6 kg limit, although it must fit in the passenger's hand luggage bag. Passengers cannot bring a laptop case or laptop bag in addition to their main hand luggage bag. This bag must be no bigger than 50 x 35 x 22 cm. Hand luggage that exceeds these limitations will have to be checked in to the hold of the aircraft. Passengers will be charged a fee for this.

Checked baggage allowance

Checked baggage allowance on a Citywing flight of up to 15 kg per passenger is included with the Business Select ticket but must be added as an extra for passengers holding other classes of ticket. This costs less if done at the time of booking rather than if it is paid at the airport during check-in. When added together, the length, width and height of a checked luggage item must not be greater than 154 cm. The airline will not accept any item of luggage that is heavier than 32 kg due to health and safety regulations. Passengers can bring sporting equipment such as fishing rods or golf clubs as checked luggage but this is not guaranteed to be carried on the same flight as the passenger. Passengers will be charged if they exceed their ticketed luggage allowance.

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