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5 Australia Travel Must Do’s for Adventurers

Metropolises, beaches, unique nature and the unimaginable vastness of the outback. As well as being one of backpacker’s favorite travel destinations, Australia fascinates almost every traveler.

And how can it be otherwise with a diversity that one simply can’t find anywhere else on this planet.

Especially anyone who is looking for some adventure while travelling has certainly found the right place. Promised!

1. The Gibb River Road

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A road trip of superlatives. 660 km in a 4×4 through the outback. Past gorges, waterfalls and rock art. Sleeping in romantic ranges or on their campsites and under a starry sky that is bright as nowhere else. And best of all, while sharing waterfalls in Asia or other places with a mass of other tourists, in the outback you really feel like you’re the first one to discover this wonder of nature. Important: always bring enough water and especially replacement tires 🙂

#2 Australia travel Must Do’s: Cape Tribulation

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The Cape Triublation is a headland in the (deep) north of Australia. Here, the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforest meet and create a true El Dorado for all fans of pristine nature and wildlife. The further north you go, the more untouched nature becomes. But also the streets. Here, too, you will find cozy little farms, where you can share your experiences with a few like-minded people.

3. Kakadu National Park

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The World Heritage Site – Kakadu National Park – is approximately 3 hours from Darwin. In addition to the impressive (you guessed it certainly …) nature, you will find extensive Aboriginal art galleries, rugged cliffs and wetlands with water lilies, waterfalls, crocodiles and migratory birds. The park belongs to the Bininj and Mungguy Aborigini tribes who lovingly take care of the land.

#4 Australia travel Must Do’s: Blue Mountains National Park

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The Blue Mountains National Park is located near Sydney and is perfect for a gentle entry into the vastness of Australia. Also the Blue Mountains are a World Heritage Site and offer approximately one million hectares of sandstone cliffs, scrubland, waterfalls and eucalyptus forests. Compared to the previous 3 places you will also find restaurants, a little more infrastructure and other tourists.

5. Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Flight over the Yarra Yarra Valley

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The Yarra Yarra Valley is close by (everything less than 5 hours distance in Australia can be described as “close”) Melbourne. It houses about 70 wineries and is characterized by a corresponding landscape. A sunrise over such a panorama is an experience that you surely won’t forget. Of course, after the successful flight, it’s almost mandatory to enjoy the one or other great wine of the valley 😉

You got any more adventure tips for Australia? Share them in the comments!

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