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Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Scotland and its famous and beautiful landscapes? Edinburgh should in your bucket list if you decide to travel around the northernmost country of the UK! Here are some reasons why you should definitely plan a trip to Edinburgh:

It’s world’s leading festival city


There’s 12 major annual festivals throughout the seasons but most of them are on August when over 25,000 artists populate the city with over 1,000 shows per day. Some of the best festivals are: Edinburgh International film festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

The iconic Edinburgh Castle

The main attraction and the masterpiece of the city. You will surely be amazed by its architecture and view point either at its bottom or at the top of it. Don’t forget to learn more about the history of the castle and the city itself inside its museums.

A source of inspiration to filmmakers

Map by This is Edinburgh.com
Map by This is Edinburgh.com

Recreate your favourite movie scenes and visit the most iconic filming locations of movies like The Illusionist, Trainspotting or Da Vinci Code.

Feel like royalty in the Queen’s Royal Yacht, Britannia

Ever wonder how it feels to be a member of the royal family ? You just have to board the Britannia, former official ship of the Queen which has sailed many seas and oceans for more than 40 years!

Amazing views at Calton Hill


Put on your hiking shoes and climb the Calton hill. You will get what you came here for, an amazing view over Edinburgh and its surroundings. Take the opportunity to enjoy the view, breathe fresh air and discover the monuments around… It’s worth it!

Take a stroll down The Royal Mile, the tail of a long-extinct volcano


You cannot leave Edinburgh without walking down the Royal Mile. The main street and most touristy place of the city is located in the old town and it’s full of hidden gems and secrets. Discover them during the day by wandering along shops…or at night with one of the organized tours.

Visit St Gilles Cathedral, the physical and spiritual heart of Scotland’s capital


At the end of the Royal Mile you will find one of the most impressive monuments of Edinburgh.

Get cultured at the National gallery of Scotland


For all art amateurs (and others), this is where you have to stop during your trip to Edinburgh. The entry is free and you can admire all the sculptures and paintings of one of the best museums in Scotland (and the UK!).

Keep the heid at The Edinburgh Dungeon


Located close to the railway station, this little museum will give you the chills for sure. You will know what it was like to live in Scotland back in the 18th century: murders, legends, torture chambers, ghostly presences and the disastrous effect of the plague. Be warned!

You’re a train ride away from North Berwick


This little town is just 30 mins away by train from Edinburgh. You will surely be charmed by its location.

Stroll around Holyrood park


At the very end of the Royal Mile, you will find Holyrood park with beautiful sites like Holyrood palace, Arthur’s seat, Salisbury Crags, Samson’s Ribs and St Margaret’s Loch.
The Holyrood palace was founded by David the First in 1128 and still used by the Queen Elizabeth the Second today. Visit what can be called the “Buckimgham Palace of Scotland”.

Visit Arthur’s seat, a dormant volcano


If you’re already in Holyrood park, take the opportunity to go up Arthur’s seat, a hill with excellent views of the city. This location is very appreciated by hikers but don’t worry, it’s quite easy to climb!
Pack up your bags and.. haste Ye Back!

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