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You want to know every single one of them – the highlights in Mexico? Tropical forests in the South, desert in the North, snow-covered volcans and unbelievable long coasts, which release the beaches and lagoons. This is Mexico. But where to head to first?

Depending on the region of the country you can have totally different experiences. Walk through the nice villages, dive next to the caribbean reef or discover the mexican forests. Do you prefer watching whales and dolphins? No problem at all. Mexico is the perfect combination of divine beaches, rich culture and delicious food. We have collected the 5 highlights in Mexico depending on the region you want to go to: The North, the Eastern Coast, the South as well as the central highland of Mexico and the Western Coast. Let it fascinate you.

Highlight #1: The North

Cabo San Lucas_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Cabo San Lucas – one of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico

The North of Mexico is spacious, mountainous and sparse-peopled. The environment is characterized by briars, cactus and rocks. The most impressive part is the mountain range Sierra Madre Occidental as well as the Coast of the Peninsula Baja California with it’s diverse Flora and Fauna.

Baja California is the 1.300 kilometre long tongue of land in the Pacific Ocean. Of course it is also the West of Mexico. For a better overview we describe the western mainland as West. The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, separates it from the mexican mainland. The peninsula is known for its beautiful beaches, for example the popular travel destination Cabo San Lucas. You could have heard about Baja California due to it’s famous Spring break Parties in March.

The Fauna is very diverse. There are more than 500 rare animals living here. Due to the species-richness the islands and protectorates were appointed to be UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage in 2005. In between December and April you can witness a faunal spectacle: 300 to 400 grey whales pass the Pacific Coast of Mexico and give birth.


Sierra Madre Occidental_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Breathtaking View– Sierra Madre Occidental

The mountain range Sierra Madre Occidental is one of the most impressive views you can get. You’ll see amazing canyons, for example the Copper Canyon, Barranca del Cobre. This is supposed to have a bigger system of canyons than the Grand Canyon in the United States. The thrilling train ride through the Barranca del Cobre, a connection between Chihuahua and the pacific coast, could become your best experience. 

Highlights in Mexiko – the North:

  • Cabo San Lucas – White sand beaches on the Coast, possibilities to go on a whalewatching tour; Surfing
  • Fascinating nature in Natur in conservation areas with Cardon cactus or Cirio trees
  • Breathtaking views from Sierra Madre Occidental
  • Train ride through the Barranca del Cobre
  • The “Transpeninsular” Street as a main way of Baja Californias leads you around the whole peninsula – nice to do with a car

Do you want to figure it out?


Highlight #2: The West Coast

Acapulco_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Acapulco, West Coast

Pinewoods, followed by tropical vegetation, coconut palm trees and snow white sand beaches – this is the West Coast of Mexico. The Pacific Coast was originally populated with fisherman. Today the dreamlike bays are a magnet for tourists. One of the most popular travel destinations is Acapulco de Juárez. It’s the biggest city in the federal state Guerrero and is situated at the Pacific Ocean.

Do you want to convince yourself?


Highlights in Mexiko – the West Coast:

  • You can enjoy about 27 degree Celsius all year
  • Kilometre long sand beaches with turqouise-colored water  
  • The perfect combination of party and relaxing
  • The best known places Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta
  • Diving, snorkeling, surfing


Highlight #3: The East Coast

Tulum_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

The historical site of Maya above the bay – Tulum

The East is limited by the Carribean Ocean. At the Riviera Maya there are beautiful holiday destinations like Cancún, Tulum and the amazing Playa del Carmen. In Tulum the old Maya temple wakes above the dreamlike bay. Tip: Go there during early mornings or evening hours to get the most beautiful views: Bucketlist capability, hm?

As well as the Playa del Carmen near Cacún has to be part of the travel agenda. It’s often named as one the most beautiful beaches on earth.


Tulum_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Playa del Carmen

For everybody who is up to partying, Cancún is a nice spot for Spring Break Parties in March. A party for which hundreds of american and more and more international students come to Cancún. Even outside this period the city is popular and the starting of a lot of excursions. For example to Chichen Itzá, one of seven new Wonders of the World and probably the most significant ruins site of the Maya.


Highlights in Mexiko – Eastern Coast:

  • Cancún as starting point to Chichén Itzá and Tulum
  • Playa der Carmen as one of the most beautiful beaches on earth
  • Island dream near Yucatán – Isla Holbox. Take a ferry at Chiquila, arrived at the island everything is about water sports and relaxing
  • Chichén Itzà as ruins site of the Maya
  • Tulum with a Maya site above the bay

Do you want to get excited?


Highlight #4: Central Highland

Mexiko-City_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Mexico-City is one of the most vivid cities

In the central highlands of Mexico, you can except pre columbian temple and the nicest colonial cities. In “The Valley of Anahuac”, on a plateau with more than 2000 metre, the first indios settled thousands of years ago. During the 14. century the Aztecs founded their capital right there. La Ciudad de méxico was built on the ruins of destroyed temple and pyramids – under the command of the spanish Hernán Cortes.

Today Mexico-City is the most populous metropole and the gateway to the highlands and the hinterlands. Even when still sitting in the airplane you can see: Mexico City is a tangle of streets, alleys, people and skyscraper as well as flat roofs. There are 3 Mio. automobiles, 3000 factories.


Highlights in Mexico – Mexico-City:

  • The most meaningful colonial buildings around Zócalo, a big square in the centre
  • Best time to go to Mexico-City from October until May
  • Palacio Nacional
  • The cathedral “La Iglesia de Santa Domingo”
  • In the North of the city there are the famous pyramids of  Teotihuacán


Highlight #5: The South

In the South of this beautiful country you can expect to get to know the indian traditions and folklore. Chiapas und Tabasco are the federal states, which abut on Guatemala. The descendants of the Maya live here, called Tzeltal- and Tzotzilindians. More descendants live around here, but more secluded in the jungle.


Chiapas_Mexico_Opodo Travelblog

Waterfalls in the rainforest in Chiapas

Moreover, the city Puerto Escondido is a real highlight for surfers. It is in the federal state Oaxaca. Here you can even find less visited beaches  with amazing waves. A real paradise for surfers is Playa Zicatela. Did you hear about the Mex Pipe? At this beach you will find it.


Playa Zicatela in Oaxaca Mexico - Opodo Travelblog

Paradise for surfers – Playa Zicatela


Highlights in Mexiko – South:

  • Oaxaca is about 550 kilometre south east from Mexico-City and famous for its markets,  celebrations and dances. The historic district was appointed to be World Cultural Heritage since 1987
  • Puerto Escondido as a paradise for surfers and people who like o watch them: Playa Zicatela!


Did Mexico fascinate you? Do you want to see all those vibrant and vivid cities, villages and beautiful places? Let us be your travel buddy:  


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