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What’s more magical at the end of the year than to dive into the heart of traditions, visiting the Christmas markets. Lost in history, these places welcome you with a warm atmosphere and are perfect to round off the year while enjoying the one or other mulled wine.

Follow us on a tour along the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe!

The gourmet choice – Prague

Auteur Rich pick Source : flickr
Source : Rich Pick / Flickr

The market of Prague remains one of the most famous of Europe. You’ll experience  lovingly decorated stands, souvenirs of all kinds but also delicious Czech pastries accompanied by traditional meat dishes. A real treat for the senses!

The oldest Christmas market – Dresden

Dresden_Christmas markets in Europe

Dating back to 1434, this market is one of the oldest and most authentic Christmas markets there is. Even in Germany, which is famous for its markets, this is something quite unique. Stroll along the giant pyramid and make sure to enjoy a piece of stollen, a traditional candied fruit cake.

 The most arty Christmas market – Vienna

Vienna_christmas market_opodo

In Vienna, Christmas markets are legion. There are no less than a dozen! The most important one, however, is in front of the town hall with its 130 beautiful cottages. all culture lovers must also visit the Christmas market dedicated to Central European crafts and popular culture. Here you’ll find concerts, workshops and even live poems.

The brightest Christmas market – Copenhagen

Auteur : max Source : flickr
Source : Flickr / Max

Quite surprisingly, the Copenhagen market is unique as it is located in the historic amusement park of Tivoli Gardens. An ideal visit for families, to marvel at the 1200 firs and garlands glittering with a thousand fires.

The most iconic Christmas market – Strasbourg

Strasbourg Christmas market - blog Opodo
Source : Flickr / LenDog64

Since 1570, the famous Christmas market of Strasbourg takes over the Place de la Cathédrale with nearly 300 chalets. You’ll find craft products and culinary specialties of Alsace, as well as a guest country that changes every year. A cult market where everyones breathes the magic of Christmas!

The most picturesque Christmas market – Stockholm

Stockholm Christmas Market - blog Opodo
Source : Flickr / Michael Caven

Created in 1891, the Skansen Christmas Market in Stockholm is more of a real open-air museum. Many local and craft products are to be discovered in 150 small classic Swedish houses. And as tradition dictates, one will meet at the foot of the tree to dance around, while wishing each other a merry Christmas!

The home of Santa – Rovaniemi

Christmas Market Finland - blog Opodo

Finally, it’s time to turn to Rovaniemi. Because that’s where Santa Claus lives! In the heart of Finnish Lapland, young and old alike will enjoy ancient artifacts and traditional clothing while tasting jam of Lappish berries and a sweet cup of hot chocolate. Not far away, children will be able to drop their letter directly at the post office of the famous man in red. Isn’t that handy?


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