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Preparing to go on holiday is a very exciting time filled with the anticipation of visiting a new destination, exploring beautiful sights and discovering local cultures. It is also a moment that requires a bit of organising and some planning. From knowing airline luggage limitations to travel advice for required visas and how to check-in online, there are many steps to ensure your travel plans run smoothly. Are you ready for your next holiday?

Perhaps you are an adventurous traveller who travels often, but has booked a great deal on a flight and using a new airline. Or maybe you are a travelling novice and are ready to see the world. Whichever your travel profile, you may have a few questions along the way. At Opodo, we have you covered. We want to make planning for your next holiday easy, which is why we’re providing a simple step-by-step guide to the best ways to contact Opodo and access FAQs. Read on and enjoy planning your next holiday!

What you will find on the Opodo contact page:

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Many of the questions you may need answers to can be found in Opodo’s Frequently Asked Questions tab.  From booking a hotel, to finding flights and insurance policies, this is a great source for travellers.
  • Top Searched Topics: Displays the most searched FAQs.
  • Search Box: Listed under the FAQ tab, the search box will allow you to quickly search for your topic of interest or question.
  • Contact Opodo Tab: You may inquire directly for assistance, via an Email form.
  • Contact centre opening hours: Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm; Weekends and Bank holidays from 9am to 2pm

Step-by-step guide to contact Opodo UK:

Opodo FAQs and Contact Page
Find all of the information you need in FAQs and contact us
  • Visit the FAQs and Contact Page
  • Select information about your query from the drop down menu
  • Indicate your flight departure date, if applicable
  • Write specific questions or additional information in the box below the drop down fields.
  • Click the “Submit” button on the bottom of the form.
  • You can also contact Opodo via Twitter, by following us and then sending us a direct message.

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  1. I have booked insurance for an outward journey. I am not sure when I will return but it will be in about 30 days of departure. What length of time am I covered for

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