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Are you an avid traveler? Or do you simply enjoy the adrenaline rush that you feel getting out of your comfort zone and embracing adventures in a new place? If you are looking for a way to explore different destinations while saving money look no further than Opodo Prime.

What is Opodo Prime?

Opodo Prime is the largest travel subscription programme in the world, offering you reduced fares on flights and hotels  throughout the whole year.  

You can access Prime on both the website and our app. If you haven’t done so already, download it on your mobile and start looking for your next flight with Prime!

Access reduced rates as a Prime member…

As a member of the Prime family – it’s a big one: more than 1 million subscribers – you have guaranteed discounts on 100% of the flights. Also, up to -50% on more than 2.1 million accommodation options worldwide.

No matter where you fly or when, the discount will be applied to each of the bookings that you make from your Opodo Prime account. Regardless of the destination, date, or airline you choose, you will enjoy the discount.

And as our Prime members have been traveling by car more in recent months, we have launched a new perk: now you can find discounts on car rentals too. Whether you fly, plan a road trip or a staycation at a fancy hotel, you will benefit from the Prime membership.

When you search for a flight on the Opodo website, you will see two prices: the cheaper Prime member fare and the regular fare.

flight search on Opodo with Prime price

By joining the Prime programme, you are guaranteed exclusive rates. Did you know that Prime members save an average of €40 per booking? 

Share it with those who travel with you!

The icing on the cake? Friends or family members travelling with you also benefit from the Prime perks! You can add up to 9 people to your booking and the discount applies to all the passengers.

Is there any better way to enjoy a holiday with your family or friends while saving money?

Even more exclusive benefits

Opodo Prime also offers free priority customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what day or time, as a Prime member your request will be given priority.

What’s more, you’ll also have access to our private sales and our bi-annual Prime Day events. So, you’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive travel offers before anyone else.

Upgrade your travel experience with Opodo Prime Plus

If sharing is caring is your mantra, all you have to do is to Plus it up! Now you can choose between the standard Opodo Prime subscription plan and the Prime Plus one. 

You’ll be entitled to the same exclusive Prime benefits, but – as its very name indicates – you’ll get an extra “Plus”: in fact, opting for the Opodo Prime Plus plan will allow you to share your discounts with up to 9 friends and/or family members, even when you’re not traveling with them. Yes, you heard it right! By paying £69.99 instead of £59.99 – you’ll be able to turn your loved ones’ travel plans into reality and make them save money!

Get to the next level and help your family and friends to experience the world by picking the Prime Plus option when subscribing or, if you already are a Prime member, simply upgrade your current subscription plan. Try it out and if you’re not happy you can cancel it anytime with no additional cost before the 30-days free trial expires.

group of people on the mountaintop looking at the panorama with mountains and lakes


How do I become an Opodo Prime member?

It’s easy: when you next search for a flight on Opodo, select the Opodo Prime fare. Once you have selected your flight, subscribe to Prime in the “Passenger details” step.

Currently, you cannot purchase the Prime membership by itself, you can only get it together with your flight. So you will get the Prime discount from the very first booking.

How do I cancel Opodo Prime?

The most effective method to cancel your Prime subscription is to call us directly at the Prime VIP customer support number +442086118967 available 24/7.

We’d like to stress that calling is completely free, quick, and easy. We’ll answer within seconds and be ready to guide you through the cancellation process and address any concerns you may have.

While we strongly recommend contacting us by phone as the most advisable option for canceling your Prime membership, we’d like to assure you that canceling online is also possible. You can cancel your membership at any time by just visiting our website and logging into “My Prime account”. Moreover, you can also do it by going to the app, tapping on the “Profile” tab, and clicking on the “Cancel my Prime subscription” link.

Please note: both the Opodo Prime and Opodo Prime Plus subscription plans renew automatically. Cancel before the expiry date or trial period to avoid having the next annual cost debited from your bank account.

Now that you know more about Opodo Prime, add the subscription to your next flight booking and enjoy your first trip with the exclusive Prime perks!

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