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Discounts on 100% of flights

How much can I save with Prime?

Every time you make a booking with Opodo Prime, you save! How much you save depends on how much your booking is. For instance, for flights between £150 and £299, the average Prime saving is £30.

Price of flight Average Prime savings per flight
£0 - £149 £25
£150 - £299 £30
£300 - £499 £35
≥ £500 up to £65

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Descuento en alquiler de coches Descuento en alquiler de coches

Enjoy absolute freedom on your trip with Prime-only savings on car hire.

Descuento en alquiler de coches
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Thanks to Prime, I save every time I visit Europe
Total cost
*Total discount with Opodo Prime on 3 return flights for one passenger in 2020: London (LTN) - Athens (ATH) from August 24 to September 2 with Wizz Air, London (LGW) - Rome (FCO) from October 25 to November 6 with easyJet and London (STN) - Malta (MLA) from December 19 to January 3 with Ryanair.

"Thanks to Prime, I save every time I visit Europe"

  • 3 weekend trips
  • 3 return flights
  • 1 person
With Prime, my whole family saves when we travel
Total cost
*Total discount with Opodo Prime on 1 return flight for 4 passengers in 2020: London (LGW) - Alicante (ALC) from August 26 to September 3 with easyJet.

"With Prime, my whole family saves when we travel"

  • Family getaway to Alicante
  • 1 return flight
  • 4 people
Prime gives us the opportunity to travel the world for much less
Total cost
*Total discount with Opodo Prime on 1 return flight for 2 passengers in 2020: Birmingham (BHX) - Bali (DPS) from November 5 to November 22 with Swiss Air.

"Prime gives us the opportunity to travel the world for much less"

  • Romantic break in Bali
  • 1 return flight
  • 2 people

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  • Right from your first booking! Your discount will be automatically applied as soon as you add a Prime subscription to your purchase. Don’t forget to log in every time you visit Opodo to get your discount.
  • Your Prime subscription is good for a period of 12 months from the day of purchase.
  • As many times as you like! Prime members enjoy unlimited discounts.
  • Log in and start searching for hotels in your chosen destination to start benefitting from up to 50% off on hotel rates.
  • Yes! You can combine your Prime discount with our regular deals and discounts. You’ll also be sent extra members-only offers via email. Each email comes with a code. Copy this code and enter it at checkout to enjoy the very lowest price.
  • Up to 9 people. Everybody on your Prime booking saves the same amount. Make sure to include yourself on the booking!
  • Yes! Just download the Opodo app, log in and search. Your Prime discount will be automatically applied to all your search results.
  • Not yet. Prime discounts are currently available only for flights and hotels. We’re working on expanding our Prime offerings for a completely VIP service.
  • Yes. To subscribe to Opodo Prime, search for a flight and select the one you like. Then, add Prime when the option appears (this happens at the payment stage).
  • Your Opodo Prime subscription will be automatically renewed, so you don’t have to do anything.It will be renewed using the same payment method you selected when you subscribed. You can manage your payment information in your account settings at any time. For free trial users: if you make a booking during the free trial period, you will be charged the subscription fee when your free trial ends. This will be done using the most recent payment method you used on our site. If you do not wish to subscribe, cancel your free trial before it ends.
  • We’re sorry to see you go. To cancel, please go to “My Prime account” on the website or the "Profile" "Profile" tab in the app and follow the instructions. You can cancel anytime.

    If you do not cancel before your subscription or free trial period is up, the subscription will be renewed automatically for the annual fee of £59.99, which will be charged to your credit card.

    For more information, see the Terms and Conditions for Opodo Prime here.
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