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Remember the Resolutions you made last year? Like most of us, they were probably abandoned by February…but what about being realistic this year? What do you really want to achieve in 2019? Loose 10 pounds, save money or travel to the most beautiful places and make new friends all over the world? If your New Year’s Resolution is to travel more (and save money), we are here to help you with that!

New Year’s Resolutions: Tips to help you achieve them

new year's resolution


The surest way to not follow through your resolution is to make your goals unattainable. So let’s make travelling possible, we can help you with that. By making wise budget decisions while travelling, you’ll be able to save money and see more! Get discounts throughout the whole of January.

new year's resolution

Get an early start on your New Year’s Resolution with our discounts! Save up to £100 on your next holiday – check out our discounts on flights, flight + hotel and car hire:

✈ Save up to £30 on your next flight booking.

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✈+? Save up to £100 on your next flight and hotel booking.

? Save up to 60% on your next car rental.

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Sit down, take out your favorite pen and notebook. (We would also recommend a nice cup of tea, but that’s optional) Ask yourself ‘What are the places on earth you need to see in this life?’ You will probably end up with a dozen destinations, then ask yourself this: ‘What are the places you’ve dreamed about visiting for a very long time?’ Has that helped narrow down the list? Now finally, ask yourself: ”Where do you absolutely want to go this year?’ Congratulations, you should now have a really good bucket list of places to see this year.

new year's reolution


With so many places to choose from, it is hard to pick just one! Here is some inspiration from our travel experts.



The Romanian capital is becoming a very trendy travel destination.



Iconic sites such as Tivoli Gardens wait for you in the capital of Denmark.


new year's resolution

A port city on the Mediterranean coast, need we say more?!


new year's resolution

How about spending Easter with nice weather, Mediterranean beaches and stunning lagoons?


new year's resolution

You have heard about the Old town, the variety of food and drinks plus the interesting architecture? Let Prague fascinate you.


new year's resolution

Absolutely hyped during the last years. So trendy, traditional and modern at the same time. Find beautiful sites and a vivid atmosphere in the amazing capital of Portugal.


You know the quote ‘Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan’ ? Make this your motto in 2019 and plan your trips! Have a look at the destination beforehand, check the best spots, the secret places and insider tips from locals, search in the internet, buy books, prepare and plan. That’s what makes your travel more realistic, build up the excitement of your trip and, in a way, extend it. Last but not least, planning ahead can help you save money.

new years resolution

We have researched the best time to book flights for your next short trip, summer holidays or weekends away. Did you ask yourself when is the best time to book flights?

According to our research, January and February are in the Top 3 of the best months to book cheap flights.

New Year's Resolution

When booking on Fridays it is even cheaper. You want to travel to Asia or America, essentially long-haul, then book in November. It is the cheapest month for those international flights out of Europe.

The cheapest month to fly is June. Flights from the U.K. average at 245 Pounds. Compared to December that reaches up to  330 pounds you can save up to 100 pounds.


Why didn’t you follow up on your old resolutions at some point? Maybe it was just the results you liked but the way to achieve them was too much to handle? Let’s fall in love with the process instead of the result. With travel as your very own resolution you can follow a lifestyle that makes you happy: The globetrotter lifestyle! It’s all about learning, planning, experiencing (and of course a lot of days with sand between your toes).

Travel more in 2019 for less!



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