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Finding the cheapest time to book your next trip

To click or not to click, that is the question. For the money conscious on a cheap flight mission even a slight hesitation can mean precious money wasted. The list of strategies we've heard a million times, but what do the statistics say? With a dip into Opodo's 2016 average flight price database on return flights from the UK, we've the answer to the age old question: when is the best time to book flights?

The best days to book cheap flights

Best time to book

Discover the cheapest days to book your holiday: Saturday & Sunday

It's thought to be a fairly benign factor when considering the cheapest time to book flights but the data shows otherwise. The best time to book a holiday is Saturday and Sunday. Booking on Saturday saves the average passenger 3.95% (5.78% domestic, 3.43% short haul, 2.63% long haul) while Sunday is 3.37% cheaper (6.68% domestic, 2.58% short haul, 0.84% long haul).

The best months to book cheap flights: September & October

It's no secret that high seasons and low seasons dictate a great swing in flight prices. The best time to book flights fall much like the leaves: in September and October. Book in October to save 10.6% (13.89% domestic, 13.29% short haul, 4.62% long haul) or in September to save 10.18% (9.07% domestic, 13.67%, 7.81% long haul) off the yearly average price.

The top destinations to fly to from the UK

Knowing the cheapest time to book flights won't do you a lot of good without a destination.Pick from one of UK's most popular tourist destinations according to Opodo's 2016 statistics.

The best destinations in the UK

There's no shame in staying at home. Opodo travellers picked London as the first place followed by Edinburgh. Birmingham rounds out the top three.

The most popular destinations in Europe

Getting outside your comfort zone in Europe is never a bad idea. Among the hundreds of holiday choices Opodo travellers took Barcelona as their number one destination. Paris came in at second while Amsterdam got number three.

Top long haul destinations for your holidays

If you're looking for a little something more than a budget airline hop to the continent then check out some of the heavy hitters. Opodo travellers can't get enough of New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. Rounding out the top five are Bangkok and Toronto.

Tips to book the cheapest flights

So when is the best time to book flights? Some Saturday in October? Not so fast! Timing isn't everything. Be flexible with dates. Book your holiday time off work to fit with the flights, not vice versa. Avoiding school holidays is an easy way to save 20% or more. Sign up to email alerts. Airlines and online booking companies reward customers with exclusive offers. Opodo is no different! You can save money on your next flight with the Opodo discount codes.

Here you will find the results of last year's analysis.

Flight price analysis: The best time to book flights. Included in this study were return-flights departing from UK to all destinations from November 2015 to October 2016.

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