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European travellers had 3 weeks to select the best of travel for 2013 and submit their votes for the Opodo Travel Awards. It is our pleasure to present you with the winners!

Here is a preview:

When it comes to fun, two destinations proved to be the undisputed winners: Barcelona, with its charm and Mediterranean climate,  won the award for the “Best Destination for Solo-Travellers”. On the other hand, Berlin, overtakes Las Vegas and Ibiza as the preferred nightlife destination. Who would have thought?

Berlin wins “Best Nightlife Destination”

The fine wine, the refined dishes, and the spectacular landscapes of Tuscany, helped assure Florence its votes for the “Best Culinary Destination“; the destination ranks first, followed by Bordeaux, New York and Tokyo.

While the destination matters, other elements play an important part in ensuring our travel experience is unforgettable. For example, the shopping or the extra services in an airport. European travellers have voted the Dubai International Airport as the airport with the best and most luxurious shops. The country aims to be perceived as  the place where everything is possible, and it seems the message was well communicated! But what about the stress that accumulates from travelling for too many hours? Well, it seems the Bangkok Airport is doing something right, as it ranks as the airport with the “Best Extra Services“.

Bangkok Airport wins “Best Extra services”


To discover all of the other winners, check out our Travel Awards Facebook page!

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