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London is a wonderful, vibrant city, full of character and history. Some of you may know the capital better than the back of your hand, but for those of you who don’t, we’ve prepared a short list of dos and don’ts worth keeping in mind for your next visit. Now there’s really nothing stopping you from blending in with the locals!


1) Understand the dress code: there isn’t one! When it comes to fashion in London, you’ll find that almost anything goes as the city is so big with various different ‘style tribes’ from the infamous Sloane Ranger to the trendy Brick Laner. As long as you’re original, you’re good to go.

2) There’s nothing more glamorous than spending the evening at the theatre. Go on then, get yourself tickets to that musical you’ve always wanted to see!

3) Afternoon tea in London is a must! Stop for a nice cup of tea and some delicious scones at one of the many tea rooms in town.

Afternoon tea in London

4) Some advice for the ladies: it’s perfectly alright to put on your makeup on the tube, in the taxi, on the bus…anywhere really!

5) No matter where you are, whether in London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Edinburgh, “Happy Hour” is still Happy Hour”, so naturally it’s time to stop for a pint at the pub!

Carnaby Street, London Happy Hour
Image by Simon & His Camera via Flickr

6) With summer almost here, how could you say no to a picnic in Hyde Park?

7) Be it at the bar, restaurant or when you get a taxi, if you can afford to, give a tip!

8) Don’t forget, many museums in London are free, and what better way to spend a rainy afternoon than visiting the British Museum or Tate Modern?


1) Unless you’ve got deep pockets it’s probably best to stay clear of hotels in the city centre (Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, etc.). There are plenty of lovely B&Bs/hotels just outside the city centre and with London’s great transport links you won’t be far away from all the major hotspots.

Piccadilly Circus
Image by Garry Knight via Flickr

2) If you can, avoid driving in London. Traffic is relatively chaotic, and between the scooters, double-decker buses, bicycles, taxis and other cars, you’re better off taking the public transportation.

3) Surely you already know this but just in case – never leave home without an umbrella.

4) When it comes to public transportation, never go for the single tickets. Get yourself an Oyster card. It’s the most practical and budget friendly way to move around London.

London Tube

Opodo wishes you a nice trip.


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