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Modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan. Those words describe Tel Aviv perfectly. Tel Aviv is the most modern city in Middle East. The skyline along the beach is full of skyscrapers and luxurious hotels. Tel Aviv is the commercial centre of Isreal. Next to that the city is also the cultural hub of the country: Nowhere else you will find as many galleries, concerts, cinemas. Thinking about a trip to Tel Aviv? Not yet? Soon you will! Read on.

Tel Aviv_Waterfront views of Tel Aviv

The city is not as old as you would think it is. In 1909 first jewish people came here and settled down in Yafo, today a borough of Tel Aviv. The name of the city in hebrew means “Hill of Spring”. Today there are 3 million people living in the metropolitan area. You can expect everything from this city: Fancy bistros, simple restaurants, deserted spots as well as bars full of people.

Thinking about a trip to Tel Aviv now?

City Centre

Tel Aviv square

The centre of course is the most important area in Tel Aviv when it comes to tourists. Founded as a suburb of old Jaffa (Yofa). Here you can easily come around using public transport. Although it is Sabbath. From Friday to Saturday no buses operate so you have to fall back on a taxi.

The streets in Tel Aviv are kind of a labyrinth. Our Tip: Always choose an orientation point like a major street or big square, a nice park or something you can keep in mind easily – a theatre, museum or cinema? Famous squares are Rabin Square, Dizengoff Squar and Masaryk Square. You can also orient on Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Cameri Theatre or New Israel Opera.

Want to try to if you can find your bearings?


Tel Aviv_Beach

Want to watch waves crashing over the wave breakers, feeling sand beneath your feet with a beautiful sunset? No problem in Tel Aviv. The city has 13 beaches in total. You should definitely know the Hilton beach. It is located below the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel in between Nordau beach and famous Gordon beach. On Hilton beach there is a lot going on, its full of people longing for the breeze and a sunbath. You can also go surfing here, the water is clear and lovely here. The annual surfing competition is also hosted here. Wether you like to cath waves on your own or just watching surfers to do so, this is your place to be.

You aren’t close to surfing but jogging? Then the Gordon beach is yours. A lot of joggers come here all year long from he early morning hours until the evening. Nevertheless, this beach is not overcrowded during weekdays. Different story for the weekends!

There is one beach, which is called Nordau (Separated) Beach as it is only for orthodox relgious people. There are days for men and days for women, but Saturday it is open to all.

According to the Environmental Protection Ministry the two cleanest beaches are:

  • Hof Hat Zuk Yzafor (Hatzuk Beach/Mandarin Beach)
  • Hof Accadia North


There is always are party going on somewhere in this vivid city. Who is surprised? The seaside location and mediterranean climate tempt people to go out. Tel Aviv is the party capital of the Middle East! You can find quiet backstreet wine bars, packed pubs, catch a live band in there.

Tel Aviv_Part of the hip Sarona district

Trends are starting right here. The DJs of the city decide whats hot in Tel Aviv. Especially the DJs from Tel Aviv Port and the Sheikin Street. All over the country friday nights are calm and quiet. Not when you are in Tel Aviv, where the Shabbat Night Fever caters for public beach parties and shopping malls which are open until midnight. Mentioned Gordon beach for example is the place for beach parties in Tel Aviv. Your next nigh out can start with a sundowner near the beach, feeling the still-warm sand on your feet, hearing the waves crushing and watching the sunset.

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Tel Aviv_Carmel maket

You want to try Jachun, a traditional Yemenite dish? Or you are lokking for nice souvenirs that are kind of unusual, like genuine wood crafts? Your place will be one of the nice markets of Tel Aviv!

For example the Jaffa Flea market! It is a famous spot for boutique shopping, laid-back bistros, nice sweet cafés as well as pop-up bars and street stalls selling clothes and furniture. You can easily get some old TVs or irons, buuut there are also real treasures: genuine antiques, wood crafts, arabic music instruments. Keep in mind that the stalls are closed on Saturdays, but not the bars and cafes.

Tel Aviv_Flea market

You want to smell, taste and buy some spices, try food? Then you should not miss Tel Aviv’s most famous market: Carmel Market. This Shuk HaCarmel market is the largest and most-centrally located one of Tel Aviv. Even a few trendy bars and restaurants or coffee shops are around this marketplace.

The Arts and Crafts Fair in Nachlat Binyamin offers handmade souvenirs, gifts, toys, jewellery. Nice to spend some hours strolling around the laneways. You will meet street performers here. Want to buy clothes? You can get textile products at very low prices on Bezalel Market.

Hungry for this new surrounding? Go for it.


Tel Aviv_food

  • Falafel – Wherever you are in Tel Aviv, whether it be the centre or the outskirts, you’re sure to try falafel
  • Authentic food – historic centre of Jaffa
  • Wide selection of places to dine – Tel Aviv Port
  • Hummus restaurants – Yermiyahu Street
  • Shwarma – Ibn Gvirol Street
  • Bistros – Neve Tzedek


tel Aviv’s shopping scene is growing fast! You can open your eyes and see another store opening that minute. Ok, maybe that was too much. But each day new stores open their doors. Every kind of person is served in tel Aviv’s shopping centre: International brands as well as pop-up stores with unique products, local small stores, bis shopping malls. The most famous shopping mall, and also the first in Israel, is Dizengoff Center. here you can find everything you are looking for (or not at all). Hundreds of shops are here. You can even choose between two cinemas or gyms! No wonder – this place is huuuuge: five floors in two interconnected buildings are waiting.

Tel Aviv_Shopping venter

The best streets for shopping in Tel Aviv are Sheinkin street in central tel Aviv. Just a small street but packed with everything you need. here you can find trends, premium international brands. However the israeli designer based on this street are supposed to be more interesting for tourists.

In the South of Tel Aviv there is the Shabazi street between Rothschild and David Intercontinental Hotel. Some may say this is one of the nicest neigbourhoods in Tel Aviv. The streets here are tiny, the buildings are really beautiful. You can go for boutique buys, enjoying the scenery, drinking your coke and watch people for hours.

Wanna try?


Other areas of Tel Aviv

north tel aviv
image by visit-tlv.com

The North: Quiet, tree-lined streets, a more suburban feel. Where Tel Aviv University is located.

the heart of tel aviv
image by visit-tlv.com

The Heart: Dynamic and trendy with numerous art galleries, stylish places to dine, and great night life. 24 hour hustle and bustle.

south tel aviv
image by visit-tlv.com

The South: Eclectic mix of people and markets, location of the most historic synagogues and Tel Aviv’s only active mosque.

tel aviv jaffa
image by visit-tlv.com

Jaffa (Yafo): This historic city has fascinating arab heritage. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Full of historic attractions like the Clock Tower, Andromeda Rock, Zodiac Alleys, Kedumum Square…

Tel Aviv_Old town and port of Jaffa and modern skyline of Tel Aviv city, Israel

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Tel Aviv has just gotten one step closer for those that are looking for a low cost option to visit Israel’s Mediterranean city. How to get a sneak peak of Tel Aviv? Budget carrier, easyJet, offers flights out of Manchester direct to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV). This is the second direct service for easyJet as it also offers direct flights from London Luton to Tel Aviv.

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