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Stockholm is a place full of surprises – medieval buildings, Nordic gastronomic delights, little islandshipster barsextravagant museums and fashionable people. Here’s all you need to know about the Swedish capital in a nutshell.

Stockholm Travel Guide
source : cpi.fr

What to eat


If you go to Sweden, you have to try a typical buffet-style meal. Depending on where you go, the food served may vary, but you can always expect to see both hot and cold dishes. Bread, cheese, butter and fish (salmon, herring and eel are popular) are always on the menu…as for the rest, well, just let yourself be surprised!

What to drink


Stockholm Travel Guide
Photo: Melanie Wood

Swedes sure like their coffee. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, you have to go for a “fika” (coffee break) – step into one of Stockholm’s many coffeehouses, ask for a hot drink, sit, relax and mingle with the locals.

Where to have lunch


This is one of the most crowded but also one of the most spectacular restaurants in Stockholm. Ride the Katarina lift to the top and enjoy the panoramic views of Riddarfjården, the bay of Lake Mälaren in central Stockholm.

Where to go for a cocktail

Spy Bar

Spy Bar

Who could say no to the legendary Spy Bar? This trendy establishment is a magnet for hipsters and musicians. Get with the times, and have a drink with some of the most fashionable people in town!

Best museum to visit

Moderna Museet

Who doesn’t love contemporary art? We sure do! If you only have time to visit one museum, you’ll have to stop by the Moderna Museet where you can admire some fabulous collections from the 20th century, including works by Dali, Bacon, Pollock, De Chirico and Picasso.


Gamla stan & the Royal Palace

Colourful buildings in the Old Town

Gamla stan is not only the centre of Stockholm and the exact spot where the city was founded back in 1252, but this area is currently Europe’s best conserved medieval town centre! Another attraction worth your while is the Royal Palace, a grand building with over 600 rooms and the official residence of the King of Sweden.

Experiences / Must-Do’s


If you’re not afraid of water, you must go kayaking around the little islands. And if you decide to visit Stockholm in winter, watch a game of Bandy (aka hockey on a football field).

Essential phrases

Essential Swedish Phrases

  • Hi! – Hej!
  • Good morning! – God morgon!
  • Good evening! – God middag!
  • Thank you – Tack!
  • Good byeHej då!
  • Where is the bathroom? – Vart ligger toaletten?
  • Im lost – Jag har gått vilse
  • Can you help me? – Kan du hjälpa mig?

When to travel

In summer! In autum! In Winter! 

Stockholm has charme during the whole year. Summer is nice, definitely. But we love the city’s autumn months best!

One item you should bring with you

An umbrella

Many Swedes don’t leave their home without a small backpack. The weather is always changing so it’s good to carry a light jumper or an umbrella. Many sure you don’t forget your raincoat or umbrella!

Ready to travel to Sweden?

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