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Though Cape Town is nearly 8,700 miles away from the UK, the city on the Western Cape of South Africa is the second most popular beach destination this New Year’s Eve for the British. Though the metropolitan area has a population of over 3.7 million, one of the most attractive parts of visiting Cape Town are the natural landscapes. Because the summer season begins in December and lasts until March, NYE is a perfect time to take advantage of the many beaches the city has to offer and take a dip or practice sports.

Did you know that Cape Town has beaches both on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans? Below we bring you our guide to the beaches separated by the west side (Atlantic Ocean) and the east side (Indian Ocean).

West Side – Atlantic Ocean

Table Bay Beaches:

These beaches are great for any activity that requires wind…kitesurfing, windsurfing…

1) Blouberg’s Big Bay and Little Bay

Bloubergs Big Bay, Cape Town
image by coda @ Flickr

2) Table View

Table View, Cape Town
image by smee.bruce @ Flickr

3) Dolphin and Sunset Beach

Dolphin Beach and Sunset Beach, Cape Town
image by warrenski @ Flickr

4) Milnerton

Milnerton Beach, Cape Town
image by bittlelit @ Flickr

Atlantic Seaboard Beaches:

Sometimes referred to as the “Cape Town Riviera”, these beaches are full of fashionistas and are a great place to people watch.

1) Clifton

Clifton Beach, Cape Town
image by j27 @ Flickr

2) Camps Bay and Bakoven

Camps Bay and Bakoven, Cape Town
image by coda @ Flickr

3) Llandudho

Llandudno, Cape Town
image by Roj @ Flickr

4) Hout Bay

Hout Bay, Cape Town
image by Catherine Murray @ Flickr

South Atlantic Beaches:

The beaches reach the tip of the Cape and are generally more peaceful because of their rugged, untouched nature.

1) Noordhoek

Noorhoek, Cape Town
image by coda @ Flickr

2) Witsands

Witsands, Cape Town
image by coda @ Flickr

3) Misty Cliffs

Misty Cliffs, Cape Town
image by DavidBerliner @ Flickr

4) Scarborough

Scarborough Beach, Cape Town
image by gnomeza @ Flickr

Keep reading to see Cape Town’s fabulous beaches on the Indian Ocean…

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