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About Ellinair

Operating scheduled and charter flights, Ellinair is a Greek airline headquartered in the Greek Macedonian capital of Thessaloniki. Founded in February 2013 and commencing operations a year later in February 2014, Ellinair offers connections to 20 European destinations and boasts a fleet of 7 aircraft. The airline is a member of the Mouzenidis Group, and was originally established to connect Russian tourists to Greece's most popular leisure destinations. Since then, connections to Cypriot destinations, German destinations, Polish Destinations, Ukrainian destinations and Italian destination have been added to its network.

Still very much an airline that focuses on connecting tourists to leisure destinations, Ellinair primarily operates flights from its headquarters at ThessaloNiki International Airport, as well as popular Greek travel hotspots such as Athens and Corfu. Although many of the destinations offered by the airline are available year round, some are only connected during high tourist seasons.

Online check-in

Passengers can check in to their Ellinair flight online from 24 hours up until 3 hours before the departure of any flight departing from the airports of Thessaloniki, Athens, Heraklion, Kiev and Moscow. In order to check in online, passengers must provide their identification details as well as booking reference codes.

Free airport check-in is available for passengers leaving from all other destinations. Airport check-in is available from 2 hours up until 45 minutes before the Ellinair flight's scheduled departure time. To complete the check-in procedure at the airport, passengers are required to provide their travel card or passport.

Hand luggage allowance

All passengers travelling on Ellinair flights are allowed to take 1 item of hand luggage with them on board, no matter if they are flying domestically or to an international location. The hand luggage may not weigh more than 5 kg for RJ-type aircraft and 8 kg for Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The permissible dimensions for all hand luggage are 55 x 40 x 20 cm for all flights. Passengers are also allowed to carry a handbag or laptop bag in addition to standard hand luggage. Passengers may carry liquids in containers no bigger than 100 ml per package on board the Ellinair flight, provided they are presented to security in a clear, re-sealable bag.

Checked baggage allowance

Passengers on Ellinair flights may check one item of luggage weighing no more than 20 kg free of charge. There are no limitations on checked luggage size or dimensions. Students or soldiers traveling with Ellinair are allowed 30 kg checked luggage allowance. To be eligible for this, travellers must be able to provide valid ID. Additional luggage weight allowance or items can be purchased for flights. These fees can be paid at the airport or during the flight booking process.

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