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Air Koryo

About Air Koryo

Air Koryo is North Korea's national flag carrier airline. Its history reaches back to 1950 when it was known as Soviet North Korean Airline (SOKAO), however its since operated under a variety of different names. It is a state-owned carrier with headquarters located in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It currently also operates from a hub at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. Its fleet contains a combination of 18 Antonov, Ilyushin and Tupolev aircraft.

Air Koryo serves more than 20 destinations in Asia and Europe, including domestic and international flight routes to countries such as China and Russia. Just a few examples of the popular destinations covered include Beijing and Moscow. It once operated flights to a greater number of destinations in the past, although these routes ceased following the fall of communism in Europe. It now operates both scheduled services and charter flights and does not have any codeshare agreements. It has not become a member of any airline alliance.

Online check-in

Passengers cannot check in online for Air Koryo flights. Instead, they must check in at the airline's airport check-in counters. They can also check in any luggage that they may have at these counters. At the very latest, passengers must check in 1 and a half hours before their flight's scheduled take-off time.

For check-in, passengers will need to show their passport, visa documents and booking confirmation or ticket. They will also be asked to fill in a customs declaration form in order to enter North Korea, which will also have a section to fill in when they leave. Once they have successfully checked in, passengers will receive a seat allocation and boarding card for the flight.

Hand luggage allowance

The airline affords its passengers a hand luggage allowance of 1 item such as a briefcase, small backpack or laptop bag. This item of hand luggage must not weigh any more than 5 kg and should have a combined height, width and length of no more than 115 cm. All items that are to be carried as hand luggage must be able to fit in the overhead storage compartment or under the airplane seat in front of the passenger. Items exceeding these limits will have to be checked into the hold. The weight of this item also counts towards a passenger's overall free luggage allowance for an Air Koryo flight.

Checked baggage allowance

If passengers are travelling in the Economy class cabin on an Air Koryo flight, they are entitled to check in up to 20 kg of luggage. If passengers are travelling in the Business class cabin, this allowance is increased to allow them to check in up to 30 kg. Passengers will have to pay excess baggage charges if their luggage weighs more than then they are permitted according to their fare type. Passengers can also check in sporting equipment such as skis or golf clubs, however they may be charged extra depending on the weight and dimensions.

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