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You are going to Thailand and wonder what you should add to your bucket list?
Sunbathing on idyllic beaches? Trekking off the beaten track? Historical and cultural discovery? Thailand has it all! From North to South, let’s discover the wonders of Thailand with Aeroflot.

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Visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a city near the border with Myanmar and Laos in Northern Thailand. It is mainly famous for its lush nature and amazing temples. Wat Rong Khun, also known as the White Temple, is one of the main attractions. The architecture is breathtaking, but the biggest surprise awaits indoors. It combines with ability traditional Buddhist art with modern pop-culture characters like Superman or Harry Potter. We highly recommend this unique destination.

White Temple - Chiang Rai - Opodo

Take part in the Lantern festival

If you’re going to Thailand in November, you can’t miss the Lantern Festival! Several cities organized them, but the most famous is the Yi Peng in Chiang Mai. People launch lanterns in the air to send away their bad luck for the year to come.

Lantern Festival in Thailand - Opodo

Wander through Rice paddies

Rice paddies are fascinating, if only for their ingenious design! There are several rice fields around Chiang Mai, but we recommend those in Pa Pong Piang as they are one of the most beautiful in Thailand. For an authentic and cheaper experience, bus trips are available (approximately 4 hours long).

Rice terrace - Thailand - Opodo
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Enjoy time with elephants in a sanctuary

Elephants are the symbol of Thailand. To live an unforgettable experience with these majestic animals go to a sanctuary like Elephant Nature Park in which more than 35 elephants roamed freely. You’ll be able to feed them and help wash these amazing gentle giants.

Elephant sanctuary in Thailand

Stop in Lampang

On your way to, or back, from Chiang Mai, we recommend a stop in Lampang. Less crowded than Chiang Mai, it is also home to lesser known stunning temples, We highly recommend going to Wat Phra Bat Pupha Daeng where you can admire the perfect blend of nature and art.

Lampang Temple Thailand - Opodo

Eating insects

Feeling adventurous? In Thailand, it is common to eat insects, even scorpions! Are you brave enough to try?!

Eating scorpions in Thailand - opodo

Flying with Aeroflot gives travelers the chance to sample authentic Russian cuisine as well as international food, including classic Asian dishes.

Take a Tuk-tuk in Sukhothai

Sukhothai literally means the Dawn of Happiness. It is a small city located in the Province of Sukhothai.
The well-preserved ruins of an ancient city are the most popular attraction in this area. For an even more authentic experience, why not go there using a tuk-tuk?

Sukothai - Thailand - Opodo

Become a historian in Ayutthaya

For culture and history lovers, Ayutthaya is the place to visit in Thailand. The ancient city was the capital of Siamese Kingdom from the 14th to the 18th century. It was burnt down in 1767 and never rebuilt. The Historic City of Ayutthaya has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991.

Ayutthaya ancient city - Thailand - Opodo

Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Palace is the busiest tourist attraction in Bangkok. Built in the 18th century it was both a royal residence and administration’s offices. It is still considered to be the Heart of the Thai kingdom.

Grand palace in Bangkok - Thailand - Opodo

Browse floating markets near Bangkok

If you are looking for a cultural and gastronomic authentic experience, Bangkok’s floating markets are an absolute must. The most famous ones, Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa, are located just outside of Bangkok. There, you’ll be able to try tasty dishes and specialties like fried rice and mangoes with sticky rice. If you don’t want to go outside Bangkok, you can go to Khlong Lat Mayom, a smaller and a little more typical floating market in the city.

Floating markets in Bangkok - Thailand Opodo


Aeroflot is operating three daily flights to Bangkok on Boeing 777 (incl. services operated by Rossiya airlines). In premium economy the Aeroflot Comfort Class-branded option is offered on Boeing B777s equipped with enhanced comfort seats, USB-ports, sockets and Thales multimedia system integrated. Aeroflot took the award for Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering of any airline worldwide Skytrax World Airline Awards 2018.

Chill at Koh Samui

Holidays and travel are also made to relax! Why not do it on Koh Samui’s beaches? Amazing sunbathing awaits!

Koh Samui Beach - Thailand - Opodo


Hollywood in Thailand?

Several movies have been shot in Thailand. Amongst the most known are The Beach, with Leonardo Dicaprio at Phi Phi Islands and The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond) at Khao Phing Kan, also called James Bond’s island.

James Bond's Island - Thailand - Opodo

Explore nature in Krabi

With activities such as snorkeling, diving, trekking, kayaking and climbing aplenty, Krabi will awaken the explorer in you!

Krabi - Thailand - Opodo

Party in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most famous and well-loved tourist destinations in Thailand with its beautiful beaches and fun nightlife.

Party at Phuket - Thailand - Opodo


Buy tickets to Thailand with Aeroflot Three daily flights to Bangkok (incl. flghts operated by Rossiya) and 10 weekly operations to Phuket.

Try Durian fruit

How can fruit tasting feel like an adventure? Well, the Durian fruit is so smelly that’s it’s even banned in most taxis and hotels’ room, can you get past the smell to taste one?

Durian Fruit - Thailand - Opodo

Admire the view from Big Buddha

Phuket’s Island Big Buddha offers a 360º view of the islands. It is one of the biggest “Big Buddha” in Thailand (45m tall). Remember that when visiting any religious monuments, appropriated clothing is required.

Big Buddha - Phuket - Thailand


Ready to travel to Thailand?

Plan your trip as you wish thanks to Aeroflot. Their award-winning operations include their frequent connections to Bangkok (3 times a day) and Phuket (10 flights a week).

*CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) a regional intergovernmental organization of 10 post-Soviet republics in Eurasia formed following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In fact, Russia and some of its neighbouring states of the former Soviet Union.


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