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Opodo Prime has reached 1 million global members! We tracked down Prime’s one-millionth member,  Phoebe, to ask her a few questions. Phoebe is a 29-year-old brand strategist and fitness professional, living in Hackney, London. Being incredibly proud of reaching the one million members milestone, we wanted to find out a bit more about our one-millionth member: what she loves about travelling; why she chose to become an eDreams Prime member, and what travels she’s looking forward to in the future. 

First things first: What is Opodo Prime?

Opodo Prime is our travel loyalty program. Members save money on every holiday booked. All flights booked through Opodo Prime are discounted compared to their original fare, and there’s up to 50% off on accommodation for Prime members. With over 1 million members, we’re able to offer the very best prices on flights and accommodation. 

Opodo Prime costs £59.99 a year.

The exact amount saved on each booking through Opodo Prime depends on the booking itself, but on average, this is how much Prime members save on flights: 

Price of flight

                    Average saving for Opodo Prime members

£0 – £149


£150 – £299


£300 – £499


≥ £500

                   Up to £65


When you book a holiday, the savings are even higher. The average saving for an Opodo Prime member when booking a 1 week holiday including return flights and accommodation for 2 people is a staggering £216! You can add up to 9 people onto your booking and they’ll all also benefit from the Prime discounts. 


Find out more about Opodo Prime


Now you know what Opodo Prime is, let’s get back to Phoebe, the one-millionth person in the world to sign up for Prime! 

Hi, Phoebe! Tell us a bit about yourself. What sort of traveller are you?

Before Covid hit, I was an avid traveller. I would usually go on one long haul trip and smaller city and European breaks over the course of the year. The last long haul trip I went on was to Sri Lanka and I fell in love. My partner and I discussed moving there the entire flight home…. a dream that never came to light! ? I love being in the sun and experiencing new cultures (and food),  so much so that I am planning my wedding in Morocco. I have done a few stay-cations over this period but really miss going further afield and have already booked a holiday to Comporta in Portugal for this summer!


What are your favourite types of holiday?

It really is a mix! I love a beach holiday. My partner and I both have fairly busy jobs, so having the chance to relax on a beach once a year is key. That said, it’s important that wherever we go has things to see, great restaurants. I very much explore through food and look for places that can deliver on that. I also love city trips. As a Londoner, I love being in the hustle and bustle and love learning about other countries by visiting their cultural hubs. We are also quite active and I do like to get out in nature too, so I will also look for places where we can go on hikes, runs, swims. We love getting boats out – I love being on the sea. 

And I can’t forget a love for fun and partying. We will often go to the north of Ibiza with friends. All these aspects are important so we will either tick them off on one trip (like Sri Lanka which has everything) or throughout the year. 


How do you normally plan your travel online?

For accommodation, I search online via editorials. I will then go online and look at comparison sites/OTAs and the accommodation website itself.  For flights, I always use OTAs to see what the best budget/flight times are. Key things I usually look for – lowest cost, direct flights, selecting a London airport that is most convenient for me. And more recently, cancellation policy (due to covid). 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bAIVyqcWSI[/embedyt]

I would use comparison sites/OTAs more for accommodation but I sometimes find the number of places overwhelming and the quality can vary. So, I would probably use them more if there was an algorithm or more filters, so my search could be more specific. I tend to look for cheaper flights but am more prepared to spend on accommodation. 

Why did you choose to subscribe to Opodo Prime and how do you think it can help you with your future travel plans?

I am hoping it will help me travel more often, more easily, by making the process more streamlined and hopefully getting me some good deals. Also, I love travelling but have recently taken a career change so have to be a little more budget-conscious. Moreover, I am a bit of a planner rather than a spontaneous traveller and quite enjoy the process of planning trips, so I will go onto Opodo to help with that process. 

When it comes to travel: what did you miss the most during lockdown?

I was lucky enough to get to Ibiza and Greece last summer in between lockdowns. However, I did miss the usual buzz that we have gotten used to (it wasn’t quite the same). But also the ease of travel – no city breaks this year ?. I have also missed not being able to go further afield (as we would usually do one big trip), and that still feels a long way off. What I miss about this….? I guess it is that change in energy you get when you travel. 

In the lead up to travel, I am always so excited, it almost gives me a sense of purpose. I love the planning of what we will do, researching all the places I want to go to, getting prepped, planning my outfits etc. All of that is very much part of the experience for me (which is why I don’t like spontaneous trips). And then being away – just being amongst a different atmosphere, the heat, the smells, the people. I can’t really explain it, but it’s that feeling of excitement and freedom. 



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