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How often have you asked yourself if you need a visa for your preferred destination or not?
We all know it. The bureaucratic issues of Visas are without a doubt one of the most annoying parts of travelling foreign countries. If you need a visa or not is mainly depend on the foreign affairs and the diplomatic status between your home country and the desired destination. The passport Index creates a yearly ranking of the most powerful passports worldwide. On which position you reckon the British passport is to be found?



These passports open the doors to the world

According to the latest ranking, the German and Singaporean passports rank on top with power rank #1. Owners can travel 159 countries without having to worry about Visas.

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The British passport can be found on power rank #3 amongst the USA, Spain, Japan, Denmark and more. What influence the Brexit has on this will be shown.

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On the lower ranks we find countries from the middle East, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. Citizens from these countries may travel to 20 countries without a Visa.

All further rankings and details can be found here.

Are you surprised by any rankings in particular? Share your opinion in the comments!



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