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If you are planning to visit Rio De Janeiro here are some do’s and don’ts worth keeping in mind to make your stay that much more pleasant.


1) Learn some simple words and phrases in Portuguese! “Obrigado” and “Olá” will get you a long way with the locals.

2) Whatever you do, make sure you have enough time to visit Sugarloaf Mountain and Iguazu Falls. You’ll be sorry if you missed two of the most remarkable attractions in Rio!

Sugarloaf Mountain

3) Always be on the lookout for pickpockets, especially if you’re travelling to Rio for an important event such as the Carnival or the Football World Cup.

4) Taxis are always the best way to move around the city. They are safe and cheap. But if you prefer the tube or the bus, make sure you carry exact change.  

Rio taxi

5) Leave your valuables at home. There is no need to bring your fancy jewellery along, you’ll find that Rio is a very casual, relaxed city.

6) If you’re feeling peckish, grab a fresh fruit juice from a suco bar. The mango and maracuja ones are particularly tasty!

Fresh fruit juice Rio

7) Take extra caution when crossing the street. No matter if its red or green, you’ll soon realise Cariocas (a person from Brazil) are always in a hurry and rarely respect the traffic lights.

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