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Sightseeing in Las Vegas

If you’re hoping to experience the serenity of the desert, then head for the Valley of Fire which is much quieter than other more popular destinations, but no less spectacular.

Beneath the shiny exteriors, there’s some fascinating history in Vegas. Experience it in the best way possible by enjoying classic American food at the Golden Gate Hotel, built in 1905, or do the free tour of City Hall.

Venice? Or Vegas?

The Sirens of Treasure Island show is free and truly spectacular. Arrive 10 mins before show time for the best view. There are 4 shows daily in the evening.

Participate in the pilot of a new TV series at the CBS Television City research center, where you’ll be given free tickets to new shows on which you’ll be asked your opinion in return.

Hotels in Las Vegas

Avoid staying over weekends, if possible, as weekday prices are much cheaper

Gambling in Las Vegas

If you want to give it go but don’t know what you’re doing, most of the casinos give free lessons, usually in the morning – just ask

Transport in Las Vegas

Heading to or from the airport via taxi? Tell the driver you want to be taken to your hotel via Swenson Avenue and not the airport tunnel – this route is longer but much cheaper.

If you’ve got a car, fill up on petrol as far away from the Strip as possible – the savings can be huge

Las Vegas tales

Las Vegas started off as a remote ranch owned by the Stewart family. It was a crossroads for venturesome travellers and, when the family sold a large part of their land to a railroad company for $55,000, the town, and eventual city, began to take shape.

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