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At Opodo we love have partnerships with travel bloggers: it’s a way to connect with travellers around the world and bring value to their travel plans and when booking their holidays. The bloggers we collaborate with are genuine users and passionate about our products.

They’re authentic storytellers that create the highest quality content to showcase our brand values and products. For example, we worked with a few of them. We created blog articles and showed users how to make the most out of Opodo Prime, the biggest travel subscription programme in the world. Let’s take a look at what they’ve written so far.

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  • Emily Luxton

Emily is a full time UK travel blogger focused on solo female travel. She loves fun, adventure, food, hiking, beaches, and chatting about the weather. In her blog post about Opodo Prime, she outlines what Opodo Prime is, how much it’s possible to save, and if the membership is worth it. 

To the question “Is Opodo Prime worth it?” she answers that it “depends on you, and how often you travel. But if you get a substantial discount, even on just one booking, it may well be worth the price of the Prime subscription. Since the annual membership is £59.99, you only need to make one booking a year with a discount of over £60 for your Opodo Prime subscription to become worth it.” She advises “to sign up for the free trial next time you’re booking flights, in order to access that initial saving.

  • The Independent

Opodo Prime has also been mentioned on The Independent website. In their article, they refer to Opodo Prime as “the travel subscription service that saves you money with every trip”. Discounts are completely unlimited for members. Plus they can be used alongside all other Opodo deals, so subscribers never have to miss out.

They explain that “Opodo Prime offers discounts on every single flight booked, and booking with Prime is cheaper than through any other airline website 98% of the time. Money off isn’t contingent on where or when you travel either. Members are guaranteed discounts on all available flights. Members get access to exclusive promotions, in addition to being plugged into one of the most extensive networks of flight and accommodation offerings.


Opodo and travel bloggers partnerships

Click on the links in each paragraph to get to know these travel bloggers better and read more about what they think about Prime. If you are also a travel blogger, find out more about how to monetize your website with the Opodo affiliate programme.

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