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Whilst this year has been anything but normal, we’re looking forward to April and the prospect of warm spring holidays. The weather back in the UK might only just be beginning to thaw, but destinations close to home are in full beach-weather mode. If you’re itching to start organising your next holiday, we don’t blame you! Let’s take a look and see, where is hot in April? 


Flight time from the UK

Côte d’Azur, France

2 hours


2 hours

Ibiza, Spain

2 hours 20 minutes

Naples, Italy

3 hours

Tokyo, Japan

11 hours


Here are our favourite warm places to discover in April, starting from just a short 2 hour flight from the UK and heading further afield.

1. Sunshine on the Côte d’Azur is just 2 hours away  


Where is hot in April? Nice, France

The seductive, ritzy streets of Nice with its year-round sunshine and glamorous seaside promenade has been attracting tourists for centuries. If you’re searching for where is hot in April, just a short flight from the UK, the Côte d’Azur enjoys balmy temperatures of around 20°C in April, just as the summer season starts to open up. One of the best things to do in Nice in April? Eat, of course! An authentic salade niçoise has never tasted so good as it does sitting at a typical café terrace with the warm Provençal sun on your face.  After lunch, spend some time people-watching from one of the iconic blue chairs on the Promenade des Anglais – come summer you’ll have to fight off crowds of tourists for a seat here. 



2. Experience the glitz and glam of Monaco (without the high prices)


Views from the promenade in Monaco


We’ve all heard stories of the mega-yachts, the glamorous events and the ultra-rich residents. It’s not known as the Billionaires’ Playground for nothing. The tiny principality of Monaco is only 2.1 km2 (smaller than Hyde Park), but what it lacks in size it makes up for in razzle dazzle. But what exactly is there to do in Monaco if you don’t own a mega-yacht? The royal palace, exotic gardens and chic beach clubs are all well worth a visit. The casinos are a big draw for tourists, but it’s worth bearing in mind that citizens of Monaco are banned from all the casinos because of the dangers associated with gambling – the house always wins and no rule says it louder than this one. It’s good fun watching other people gamble their money though! 


View of houses and the sea in Monaco in April


Visiting Monaco in April means you’ll have all the benefits of the blue skies, great views and idyllic weather but without the extortionate (and we really do mean extortionate) prices during peak summer season. If we could offer one piece of advice? Book a cheap hotel early on and avoid any nasty surprises with the price!


3. Get a feel for Ibiza during its best season


Ibiza beach on a sunny day in April


Forget the Ibiza you think you know. It’s not all late night boozing and falling out of clubs in the early hours of the morning (although it definitely has its fair share of this too). Ibiza in April is the chilled-out version of it’s garish sister: Ibiza in July. Secluded coves that would otherwise be overrun in the summer, world-class restaurants that don’t need to be booked weeks in advance, and lower prices for hotel rooms in the centre of Ibiza town. Ibiza is the ultimate sunny getaway in April. The weather in Ibiza in April is pleasantly warm, with day temperatures reaching 20°C – perfect for beach days, having lunch outside and exploring the town without sizzling! 

4. In less than 3 hours you can be singing from the balconies in Naples, Italy


Best pizza in Naples


But let’s face it, first things first when you arrive in Naples… Pizza. Good pizza in Naples usually comes with the unwanted addition of having to queue for it. Especially during the summer months. However, April is a great time to avoid the queues. Restaurant Sorbillo serves the best pizza in Naples, followed closely by L’antica Pizzeria da Michele.


Once you’ve got the feel for the twists and turns of the city, sampled the street food and done your best haggling at the market, it’s time to take the ferry and head out to the islands for some peace and quiet. Procida, Capri and Ischia are between 45 minutes – 1 hour 15 minutes ferry ride away from Naples, and are worth the trip – home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Rent a boat to explore the crystal waters and secluded beaches. Get lost amongst the colourful houses and artisan shops that line rickety streets. Spend the evenings sipping a cocktail in the town squares, before devouring a plate of fresh seafood pasta, caught that day from the local fishermen. 


5. 11 hours to witness the Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo


Cherry Blossom season in April in Tokyo


If you could choose anywhere in the world to go for a sunny holiday in April, Tokyo should be at the top of your list. The illusive cherry blossom season usually peaks around the first week of April.  For just a few weeks every year, the streets of Tokyo bloom with the sakura flower and the falling petals resemble delicate pink snow. With temperatures hovering around 20°C in April, it’s the ideal time to explore Tokyo at your own pace. 


In the need of a bit more sun and perhaps a tropical beach? Take a few days off sightseeing in Tokyo, and take a short low-cost flight to Okinawa. Spend a few days gathering your energy by lounging about on the beach, perusing the night markets and perhaps trying some snake wine to really get you going! Okinawa is hot in April, it has the perfect beach weather, with day temperatures of 25°C. 


If travel is not on the cards for you this April, find some inspiration for your summer holidays with our best holiday deals!

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