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Ah, the age-old pursuit of sunnier climes. As soon as the excitement of Christmas wears off and the once glistening layer of snow turns into a muddy sludge on the ground, all we can think about is jetting off to somewhere warm. Preferably with a colourful cocktail in hand. Maybe even one of those tacky umbrellas poking out the top. What? We’re on holiday, embrace it! These are our favourite five spots to escape the cold and get some of that all-important winter-sun. Where is hot in January? Let’s start from the closest place to the UK and keep heading further afield.


Hop over to Malta 




Malta is warm in January, but it’s not hot. Sure, you’ll have a t-shirt on in the sun and you’ll be able to crack out your new Ray Bans every once in a while. But as for swimming in the sea? That depends on how brave you are. If you’re after a bit of sun and gorgeous Mediterranean views, then Malta is a great option for you. There’s a lot to be said about visiting Malta in the off season – which January is. Less tourists, cheaper prices, and your pick of the best beaches for a picnic. 


How long does it take to get to Malta?

The flight from the UK to Malta takes just over 3 hours


Which airports fly to Malta?

You can fly to Malta from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and more! 




Take a four hour flight to the Canary Islands 


Views in Tenerife, a warm destination in January


Spain’s southernmost islands have plenty of sun in January. How hot you say? Hot enough to warm your bones but not fry-an-egg-on-the-bonet-of-your-car hot. Sound good? We think so too. In more concrete terms for those who didn’t quite get the egg analogy, the average temperature in The Canary Islands in January is 21ºC.


Which Canary island is the best to visit?

The Canary islands are made up of seven separate islands. Four of these are the most popular and most commonly visited by Brits. Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the islands, making it a great place for nightlife. It also hosts one of the world’s largest Carnivals, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you’re more into nature and hiking, then Gran Canaria is your island. Its protected nature reserves are simply stunning. Lanzarote island is the most family-friendly of all the Canary Islands. There’s plenty to do for kids on Lanzarote, including water sports, the Pirate Museum, Go Karting and The Aquarium.


Sotavento beach on Fuerteventura


Lastly, the all important question: which Canary Island has the best beaches? (A hot January getaway is not complete without a beach afterall!) In our opinion, it’s Fuerteventura. A sandy paradise of clear sea, long stretches of beach and hidden-away coves. Something for everyone. Fuerteventura is also home to the striking Ajuy Beach. The pitch black sand contrasts with the crystal blue water to create a stunning landscape.


How long does it take to fly from the UK to the Canary Islands?

It only takes about 4 hours to fly to the Canary Islands from the UK.


Which airports fly to the Canary Islands?

You’ll be able to find a flight to the Canary Islands from most of the major airports in the UK including the London airports, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds. 




9 hours for an iconic winter-sun holiday in Barbados


Where is hot in January? Barbados is!


Looking for where is hot in January? Look no further than one of the most iconic winter-sun destinations in the world – we’ve all spent many a rainy winter’s day wishing we were lying on a white, sandy, Caribbean beach. The weather in Barbados is sunny all year-round, with the average temperature in January hovering around 28ºC. It stays nice and warm in the evenings too. January in Barbados is also right in the middle of the dry season, so it’s the perfect time to go to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches. To help plan your trip, check out these 10 things to do in Barbados before you go.


How long does it take to fly from the UK to Barbados? 

It takes around 9 hours to fly from London to Bridgetown, Barbados


Can you fly to Barbados direct from the UK?

Yes, you can fly directly to Bridgetown, Barbados from London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Manchester Airport.




11 hours until margarita’s on the beach in Cancun


Cancun beach


A trip to Mexico might seem like something that only happens in your dreams, but shall we let you in on a little secret? If you book your flight and hotel together, the cost of spending a week in Cancun in January is quite often less than the cost of spending a week in a European city during high season. Cancun is famous for its luxurious beach-side hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Some are so large and plentiful that you won’t feel the need to leave the resort at all. You’ll need very little spending money while you’re there, so you can just sit back and enjoy your holiday! If you’re looking for warm destinations in January, Cancun is up there, with temperatures of 28°C.


How long does it take to fly from the UK to Cancun? 

A non-stop flight from the UK to Cancun takes approximately 11 hours


Are there direct flights to Cancun from the UK?

Yes, London Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester airports all have direct flights to Cancun.




Go to the other side of the world and warm up in Sydney


A hot January holiday: Bondi Beach in Sydney


If you’re going to do it, you might as well go the extra mile (or extra ten and half thousand miles to be exact). The other side of the world is, as you can imagine, quite far away. But let me tell you something – it’s hot in January. And by hot we mean summer in full-swing, beach parties à gogo and shrimps on the barbie kind of hot. Yes, it takes the best part of the day and night to get there and yes, you will have to stop-over (most likely in Singapore). But, visiting Sydney in January is a trip of a lifetime and absolutely worth it! 


The average temperature in Sydney in January is 26°C. Hotels in Sydney tend to book up quite quickly in their summertime, and the standard of accommodation is usually very high (which unfortunately means that the prices are too). To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s always best to book your hotel early on.


How long does it take to fly to Sydney?

Flying from the UK, you will have to stop off along the way to Sydney. The total flying time is usually around 22 hours, not counting any stopovers






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