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APG Airlines

About APG Airlines

Founded in September, 2015, APG Airlines is a small, French airline based at Toulouse Blagnac Airport, an airport it serves alongside many long-established carriers such as Aer Lingus, BMI Regional, British Airways and easyJet. APG Airlines flights are exclusively operated between the French cities of Toulouse and Lorient, using a single, 8-seater Beechcraft BE-350 bi-turboprop aircraft. The airline operates with a staff of seven employees and is a subsidiary of the global airlines network, APG Network, which offers commercial and distribution aviation services for over 200 airlines worldwide. In addition to its scheduled flights, APG Airlines also offers the opportunity for small groups to charter the plane for flights to other destinations. Full details are available on request.

How do I check in online with APG Airlines?

The APG Airlines online check-in procedure is simple and straightforward. Select ONLINE CHECK-IN from the drop-down tab at the top of the airline’s website homepage. Two language choices, French or English, are available on that page. Having selected your language of preference (if necessary), enter your PNR number (Passenger Name Record), which is issued at the time of booking your flight, followed by your first name (given name) and then your surname in the three text boxes that are provided on the page. Finally, you should click the SEARCH button, which is prominently displayed below the text boxes. You will then be directed to the actual check-in page where you can quickly complete your online check-in procedure.

What is my checked baggage allowance on APG Airlines?

APG Airlines baggage policy clearly states that checked baggage must not exceed 20 kg in weight and that its dimensions of height, width and length, including wheels, pockets and handles, must not exceed a combined total of 158 cm. If any item of baggage is in excess of those limits, you’ll be charged a fee. Keep in mind, however, that the airline ground staff may refuse to accept any oversized or overweight items that they feel cannot be securely accommodated in the hold.

Restrictions also apply to the type of baggage carried. Prohibited items include underwater diving flashlights, in addition to any other items that may present a fire or explosion risk. E-cigarettes and any spare batteries, especially lithium batteries, are considered a fire risk if left unattended and are also not allowed to be carried in the hold. E-cigarettes and spare batteries can, however, be carried as hand luggage. In addition, APG Airlines requests that valuables such as money, jewellery and important documents are not included with checked baggage.

What hand luggage can I take on APG Airlines?

APG Airlines hand luggage allowance restricts your carry-on items to one piece of luggage not exceeding 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm, including wheels, handles and pockets, and one small accessory such as a laptop, purse or camera. The weight of your hand luggage plus any small accessory mustn’t exceed 6 kg in total. Prohibited hand-carry items include firearms, toy guns, weapons of any kind, and sharp objects that may be used as a weapon, such as scissors or darts.

E-cigarettes, which are barred from being carried in the hold as checked baggage, can be carried as hand luggage, along with their spare batteries. However, they cannot be activated at any time while on board the aircraft. In addition, you may be required to insulate the terminals of the spare batteries with tape. This is to prevent accidental short circuiting of the batteries if both terminals come into contact with any metal item in your hand carry bag, as this can constitute a serious fire risk.

You should also be aware that in accordance with international aviation regulations, APG Airlines follows strict procedures regarding the transportation of liquids and aerosols in commercial aircraft cabins. APG Airlines allows you to carry liquids and aerosols as part of your hand luggage, but each container must not exceed 100ml in volume. In addition, all liquid containers must be placed together in a single, sealed, clear plastic bag. The plastic bag mustn’t exceed dimensions of 20 cm x 20 cm, and it must have a capacity no greater than one litre. An exception to the rule can be made in the case of certain liquids such as medicines and baby foods. If you’re not sure whether any liquid that you need to carry with your hand luggage for use during the flight is allowed, you should contact APG Airlines directly. Full contact details are available on the APG Airlines website, and a telephone service is available between Monday and Friday from 8am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.

Where does APG Airlines fly from?

With a fleet comprising a single BE-350 bi-turboprop aircraft, APG Airlines flight destinations are limited to return Flights from two cities on the following route:

Latest customer reviews on APG Airlines flights

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Total reviews based on: 8
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5.0 /5
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Was not bad

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3 reviews
Manchester International - Larnaca Intl ( MAN - LCA )
3.0 /5
Date 2018-02-14 Location Age Class Economy

Good flight although the space between the seat in front was too narrow.

3.0 /5
1 reviews

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