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Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital and one of the top destinations in Spain. You want to get special insights, secret tips and an insider guide for Barcelona from people who already visited this cool city? We let the community speak: See Barcelona through the filters of Instagram.

Narrow streets, colourful neighbourhoods, exceptional people and incredible attractions await you at every turn in this beautiful Mediterranean city. Sunbathe in Barceloneta, go on a hike up the Tibidabo Mountain, explore the hidden niches of Gracia and admire some of Antoni Gaudi’s most unique masterpieces.

 Keep reading to get a glimpse of the city through the filters of Instagram.

The Insider Guide for Barcelona

Insider guide for Barcelona
By andre__reis via Instagram

When in Gracia you should go to Entrepanes Díaz, a really nice restaurant according to andre__reis. And he is right: Find gourmet sandwiches along with plates of Spanish specialities like sea urchins and prawn fritters in this old-styl bar.

And best of all, in less than two hours you can be there as there are direct flights to Barcelona from London Gatwick, Manchester and other international airports in the country.

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By Barcelona.secret via Instagram

The Garden of the three chimneys or the Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies is the most urban of Barcelona’s urban parks. Sometimes you can be lucky to find cool events here. look at that Barbecue. Would you like to taste a Calcotada (spring onions) here? The Park is located near Montjuïc in the Poble-sec neighbourhood.

Want to discover this city yourself?

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By fenton_and_fenton via Instagram

You know that building right? Its the tremendous Casa Batllo by Gaudi. You have to stand in front of that house. It will otally impress you with all those details.

Insider Guide for barcelona
By Janina_who via Instagram

Somewhere Cafe Barcelona is your spot to be when loving the special. The interior is amazing with la imestine coloured rock wall, large wooden steps climbing up there – just like a one-sided amphitheatre. It is located in Eixample.

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By Majesshoney via Instagram

At the top of Montjuic you can find this little spot: La Caseta. it is in a shady clearing of the woods behind the castle. It becomes a cafe, party location, centeen – a place where people from Barcelona listen to nice music, eat from barbecue until the sun sets spectacularly over the city. Nice, hm?

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Insider Guide for Barcelona
By Ruedacalle via Instagram

You better be an early bird when visiting Park Güell. To see this all not crowded ruedacalle was here at 6.30 am. Wow.

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By marisolsol173 via Instagram

In love with this place and a must do: La Boqueria und market with tons of food, spanish, mexican, asian, everything you want to taste – is here actually!

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By Veronika_chabros via Instagram

The beach of Barcelona is a top thing to Do while on vacation in the beautiful city. Go to Barceloneta, traveller!

Insider Guide for Barcelona
By Elozob via Instagram

What a lunch view, hm? On the shopping mall El corte Inglés you can have a look at the Placa Catalunya. Go ahead.  Find your best flights + hotel in Barcelona on Opodo now:

The district of El Born by gp_aufiero via Instagram

El Born is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods with a lot of nice places to eat, drink and party!

Bar Marsella, the city’s oldest bar by kellym_holden via Instagram

Oh, go on then, book those flights to Barcelona and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


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